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Just Chill Out: A Label and the Internet

Just Chill OutWritten by Grant Albert

            Record labels are no longer run by the few. They perpetually catering to various genres. Few labels gain attention, let alone stardom; however, this cannot be said for Miami native Micah James and New York resident Adam McCoy. On April 20th, 2014 Micah and Adam started the label Just Chill Out catering to the tranquil side of usually aggressive electronic music. In less than a year, the label has reached over 11,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

The friendship between Micah James and Adam McCoy started on Facebook back in 2012 through a mutual Facebook ‘like’ of the DJ Deadmau5. Adam spontaneously sent Micah a message to listen to his new track on SoundCloud and that random event would eventually spark a hot, new label. Both knew that the majority of electronic music producers were going to start a label portraying the bass-driven, hardcore sound of electronic music but few were focusing on the more mellow feel of the electronic sound.

Just Chill Out started fairly simple: posting works on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and Youtube. Eventually, the label morphed into a more complex creature and now releases works by DJs from all over the world. The label constantly receives new sounds from underground DJs and, if the co-founders feel like it fits the Just Chill Out sound, they will release the track to their followers. This happens periodically, every one to two days.

Apart from the daily dose of chill, the label is constantly releasing new EP’s such as Arcade Blaster’s Forgotten Worlds EP, the Just Chill Out Spring Awakening Compilation, and Mendum’s Alone EP – the first of its kind. Alone is Just Chill Outs first ever rock-based EP, proving the diversity of the label and the electronic genre as a whole.

I managed to reach out to both Micah and Adam concerning the future of the label. Adam: I want to see the label as turning into a means of transition for undiscovered artists with the public, a means of worry-free relaxation for the audience, and a means of a full time career for me and my staff.”

Micah: “I want to see the label become the spearhead for chill music. Right now we’re really pushing that, and bigger labels have recently been adding chill pages and sub labels to get in on it. And also what Adam said, exposing small artists to a big audience.”

Considering the two have yet to meet in person, this makes the level of dedication for Just Chill Out clearer than ever. The internet is bringing musicians from all over the country and the world to be able to collaborate, and we are all going on this sound rollercoaster.

For more info on Just Chill Out check the links below:

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