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Sweatstock & Record Store Day 2015

IMG_6229 smallSweatstock & Record Store Day 2015

Sweat Records/Churchill’s Pub  

April 18, 2015

Review and photos by Anais Perez

Music lovers and vinyl junkies alike gathered on April 18th at Miami’s own Sweat Records to celebrate the store’s 10-year anniversary and of course the 8th annual Record Store Day. 

Record Store Day was conceived in 2007 by a group of independent record storeowners as a means to celebrate and raise awareness for the important social and cultural implications record stores carry in terms of the influence they hold as a part the communities that they inhabit. To celebrate this cultural affair, artists from Foo Fighters to Grizzly Bear release exclusive vinyls, tapes, CDs, and special edition merch all to celebrate this annual event.

This was my first record store day, and I got to Sweat Records at around 11am to find the store bustling with people of all ages searching and digging for their favorite releases. It was interesting to see what everyone gravitated towards and what they would decide to do if what they were looking for had sold out. People would sort through the crates of new releases and if they didn’t find what they were looking for they would just purchase a record that they had been eying at for months, deciding that Record Store Day would be the day to finally purchase it. A friend of mine who I went with probably scanned through every single release that day and instead opted for Ariel Pinks Pom Pom LP, which in my eyes was totally a great decision.

After we felt satisfied that we had done our best that day, we waited around for the bands to start. The lineup at Churchill’s Pub, located directly next to Sweat Records, consisted of local South Florida bands, all of which really knew how to get the crowd going. One of my favorite bands of the day, Pariuh, danced and shouted on stage and amidst the noisy and surprisingly melodic set front man, Chris Dougnac, revealed a variety of props in between songs that included (but definitely not limited to) a twister mat, a Roomba, and proceeded to rip out brand new toothbrushes from their casings and encouraged members of the audience to brush their teeth- while appropriately yelling through a distorted microphone the importance of good dental hygiene.

IMG_6247I spent the majority of my day at Sweatstock in Churchill’s and to say the least I was really impressed at both the eclectic mix of sounds, and the kind of differentiating talents South Florida is able to breed. The Pink Plastics was another band I really enjoyed, and their sound was something like surf rock meets garage pop. It was totally loud and catchy, definitely kept the crowd dancing and sweating all the way till the end of their set.

The day radiated with good vibes and not a second did you feel like you didn’t belong to such an integrated musical community. It is really amazing to see how this event alone could bring together an enthusiastic group of music junkies, excited to come together for a day of music, food, and friends.

At the end of the night Tobacco, a music project headed by Black Moth Super Rainbows front man Thomas Fec, hit the main stage to blare some really dark and euphonic beats. Since it was his first show in Miami I was really excited to catch him play live and didn’t hesitate to get there a few minutes early to manage a nice spot in the audience. After about 15 minutes of prepping Fec nonchalantly made his way onto the stage with another member of the project. He coolly began to sing into a vocoder while his partner maneuvered some various other analog instruments to create a very eerie and apocalyptic sound; headed by a steady drum beat it was definitely the kind of music any one passerby could dance and sway along to and totally an amazing way to close the night.

Overall the day was a success, and it made me feel happy to be apart the kind of vibrant cultural scene that Miami happily provides. Record Store Day proves to be a truly successful event, bringing together artist and consumer to help keep local record shops thriving and prosperous.





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