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Album Review: Stone Flower

Written by Grant Albert

Techno is expanding. It is no longer found in this cryptic subgenre that was once only played in dingy clubs in Berlin and Detroit. The electronic lovers are exploring new electronic music and slowly diverging from the bubble gum sound of EDM. Techno is now played all throughout the US and has serious momentum all over the world and one album that is going off is Adam Beyers Stone Flower EP.

Many DJs can be thanked for this; However Swedish DJ Adam Beyer may be leading the front. Adam Beyer runs the legendary and stalwart Drumcode record label and just released his newest album Stone Flower on May 4th.

The four tracks: “Stone Flower,” “That Would be the Sun,” “The Crossing,” and “What You Need” bring the darker side of techno, but with a calm dance feel attached; perfect for the Summer and rainy seasons in Miami.

The tracks feel almost like walking up a stairway. Starting with the dark, melancholic sound of “Stone Flower,” but ending with the nice, light sound of “What You Need.” All tracks possess their own exotic loops of bass, effects, hi-hats, vocal samples and an overall tribal sound. “Stone Flower” portrays what Drumcode is built upon: Sounds that are meaningful and bohemian, but can exterminate stress and release endorphins, a perfect combination for dancing.


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