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Summer Jobs: Get a Job or Create Your Own!

summer jobWritten by Maria Vasquez

Summer is the time to get things done. The days are longer, it’s vacation time for most students and there are limited amounts of interruption. Getting a job guarantees a productive and interesting summer.

Places like Publix, Ben & Jerry’s, Baskin-Robbins, McDonald’s, and Dairy Queen start accepting teens as young as fourteen. If you’re under fourteen and interested in modeling, Abercrombie & Fitch Kids and Kohls Kids is always looking for potential models.

If you’re sixteen or older, you’re in luck. Sixteen is the average age that companies start hiring at. Head on over to your local mall, walk into your favorite stores and restaurants, and ask about the requirements for working there.

Not interested in working in retail or fast-food chains? Chances are your local government summer camp, YMCA, or private summer camp that are looking for active young adults to hire.

Otherwise, internships are always an option. Some pay you and some don’t but the experience you gain is important for future careers. If you’re looking into becoming a lawyer, call a firm and ask about joining any summer internship programs. If you plan on working in the medical field–doctor, nurse, dentist– go online to find out if the hospital or office you want to work at accepts teens and if they can offer you an internship. You can probably gain community service hours from them too, which are important for graduation.

An alternative to working for a company would be to be your own boss. Come up with cool products or services that people would be interested in. Create a business plan and turn your idea into a real thing. Having your own small business as a teenager is really impressive to future employers as well as colleges. It can be anything from walking dogs to tutoring services to making websites.

Need more ideas? Check out my documentary below on teens making a living.


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