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FREE Warped Tour Ticket!

warped tour

“Save Lives and Get Your Ticket to the Summer’s Hottest Concert!

This summer, save lives and get a free ticket to the Vans Warped Tour concert in West Palm Beach on Saturday, July 4, 2015. Donate platelets twice between May 1 and July 1, 2015 at a participating OneBlood location near you.” —


What you should know:

You can donate platelets every 7 days.

Do not take aspirin or NSAIDs for 48 hours before your donation.

Donate twice between May 1and July 1 to get your free Warped Tour ticket!


Why platelets?

Platelets are blood cells that help stop the bleeding when you are injured. They are critical to blood clotting and allow the wound to heal.

Platelets transfusions help with life-saving treatments such as organ or marrow transplants, open heart surgery, treatments for cancer patients and those with traumatic injuries or severe burns. If platelet levels are too low, bleeding could be life-threatening.

Save lives!

If you are donating platelets, you can donate every seven days.

Click here to learn more about platelet donation.  


Where to donate?

Check for a participating donor centers and Big Red Bus locations at the following link: – Vans Warped Tour


Follow OneBlood on Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to check out the Vans Warped Tour lineup 

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