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Google Cardboard: Portable Virtual Reality

Written by Amanda Delgado

For the first time ever, video game enthusiasts have a quick and inexpensive way to emerge themselves in a virtual world – Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard is a platform for quick virtual reality experiences – it transforms a phone into a virtual reality headset through a cardboard cutout median.

With compatible apps, you can move your head around and walk as if you’re in the same place that’s displayed on screen. You can place yourself in a Paul McCartney show and feel as if you’re at the edge of his piano, or fight scary toys and participate in gaming missions.

Similar virtual reality simulators include Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive, and Project Morpheus; however, these are not made of cardboard, and their resolution is greater than Google Cardboard’s. They are also significantly more expensive.

Google Cardboard executes its purpose well. The virtual reality simulator is dedicated to transport you into another world without forcing you to waste hundreds of dollars on a new PC and Oculus Rift. You can inexpensively stimulate that you’re walking around in Paris or floating through space.

With either a magnet (found in older models) or lever (found in newer models) to touch the screen, you are able to interact with the things on their screen. Motion sensors allows the phone to navigate as well. These features stimulate the senses and put you in a reality completely different from your own.

Most kits come pre-folded and assembled, which allows it to be easily built. Once everything is folded and configured, you slip your phone to the front of the viewer and run the app dedicated to work with Cardboard.

JUMP lets you capture the world in 360-degree VR

JUMP lets you capture the world in 360-degree VR

Google Cardboard is also available in plastic, aluminum, and EVA foam, and it supports phones with screens that are up to six inches.

Virtual reality is in the imminent future, and Cardboard helps increase the popularity of the technology.

Recently, YouTube began to support 360-degree videos, and it works with a format called Jump, which was created by Google and specializes into turning multiple photos into a 360 degree setting.

Cardboard shows that the future of gaming and virtual stimulation doesn’t have to be expensive. It makes it accessible to everyone, as long as they have a smart phone.

You can visit for more information on Google Cardboard.

Check out some apps for Google Cardboard here, including Insidious Chapter 3.

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