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Keeping Up with Social Media

Social media signs Written by Maria Vasquez

Social media is a rising platform for communication, expression, and promotion in society. With it, are tons of benefits for multi-media, businesses, jobs, and technology.

Websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Vine have formed a community of users that share their thoughts and interests. Those sites have also created a faster way of getting information. Knowing what your favorite celebrity is doing and also finding out who entered the 2016 presidential campaign only takes the swipe of a finger.

However, with great power comes great responsibility but sometimes that power isn’t always used for good. A tweet, a post, a like, a comment– all these things are a symbol of status. If you can do those things, you are connected. If not, you don’t necessarily fit into society’s standards. Even then, with social media, anyone is prone to bullying and harassment. The important thing is to report, block, and simply ignore.

When it comes to getting more likes, favorites, comments, and followers, the trick is to find the right time and use the right words/hashtags. It all depends on what else is happening on social media too.

twitterStats from show that the best times to post on Twitter are 12PM and 6PM. 1PM and 3PM are best for shares and likes on Facebook. You’ll get the most double-taps on Instagram by posting around three or four in the afternoon.

In addition to scheduling your posts, using keywords gets more attention as well. If you have feedback for a restaurant you recently ate at, @ them. Use hashtags. Someone will agree with what you said and the restaurant will definitely acknowledge it. Catching up on Orange is the New Black? Follow them on Twitter and Instagram and share your thoughts and experience using #OITNB. You might get a favorite or a re-tweet from them, but you’ll most likely get responses from other users who are watching the show as well. You’ll gain a new follower and an online binge-watching buddy.

Keep in mind that social media never sits still. It’s always moving around and changing trends. Stay informed with what is going on but don’t let your feeds consume you. Have fun with it and engage with people that can be as awesome as you.

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