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Deadstok Expo: Hip-Hop, Tattoos & a Barber Battle

Deadstok Expo

Private Key Art Gallery

Wynwood, FL

June 28, 2015

Review and photos by Sebastian Chica

If you stand back and look at Deadstok Expo it won’t look like just an ordinary, played out convention. It doesn’t look like another carbon copy of a convention you went to last week either. This is a group made up of all walks of life that has come together to give you get a taste of everything the urban community has to offer. From the lesser known barbers and tattoo artists to the mainstream like b-boys, sneaker heads, and rappers; every one of them make up the Hip-Hop culture.

Deadstok’s mission is to bring those in the culture and unify them through a day of positivity and prospering. The owner and CEO of Deadstok Expo, Andres Belen (Andre), has expressed what he hopes to accomplish through his vision of what Deadstok Expo is and will be. Andre said, “We want to create an environment that allows us to network. I wish to encourage the fundamentals of the free market enterprise to a culture (Hip-Hop) that was left out in the cold. We were never taught the advantages to entrepreneurship.”

Andre continues on to say, “In the near future we will also include seminars in specific fields such as hairstyling tattoo design and apparel, information such as start-ups and networking techniques that could allow them the opportunity to excel through collaboration.”

small vapor lifeIn short, Andres Belen hopes to create an event that’s not only entertaining, but economically beneficial for all. This past event happened to be their very first and had an amazing turn out. It seems Andre has completed his mission: The public is responding positively and they want more. So we’ll have to see if they have bigger plans for the next one coming this December. Andre told me, “They are upping the production value and are striving always for more community support.” Deadstok is here to stay.


You can keep up with Deadstok Expo on their Instagram: @deadstok_expo

Or you can follow them on their Facebook page: Deadstok Expo


A special thank you to the following for being part of our video:

Headz Up Barbershop

Vice City Life

Vapor Life USA

Die Epic

Divine Threads

Salvation Tattoo Lounge

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