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Stars on the Rise: Clean Desert Media

Clean Desert Media - #moviefriendsHere we have Jorge Lopez and Cameron Crook, two buds of mine who have a love for film whether they’re watching them or creating them. Their YouTube channel, Clean Desert Media, is where they upload their works. Not only have they created a total of twenty-seven short videos including What Comes In Suitcases, Hedge, Dog, and the three part series Dress,( which are some of my recommendations) they also have their Movie Friends podcast where they talk of all things film. Before Clean Desert Media there was their first channel, IntoYourBlues226, where they still upload every now and then; there you will find the more experimental videos. Cameron and Jorge have collectively entertained their friends and any randos with a variety of their videos; you too could be one of those randos. Check out both channels: Support them, like their videos, subscribe, and provide feedback –  it doesn’t hurt to try.

P.S. Check out SOUL Dracula.

P.P.S. Check out our exclusive interview with Clean Desert Media.

Click here for Clean Desert Media.

Or check out IntoYourBlues226.


Some recommended short films:

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