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Tips for Surviving Freshman Year (Advice from a College Graduate)

elodieGTCdec_MediumWideBy Chelsea DeVries

          Going from high school to college is a huge transition. It can be way scary. It can also be something to totally look forward to because hey, you get to live life without Mom and Dad crashing your party every day. Never fear. If someone like me (nerdy writer chick) can make it out alive from the dread that is freshman year (and college in general), so can you. Without further ado, here are my tips on surviving and eventually thriving:


Be aware of general information about your school

Your best option is to remember names of people who work in the school offices as well as their hours of operation. Get there as soon as they open otherwise you may spend all day on a college campus waiting in a chair for hours.


Pack light

I can’t speak from experience because I was known as the bag lady every time I moved on my college campus, but I can tell you that as the academic year goes on, you will accumulate more stuff. Most likely, you’ll be living in the smallest room you’ve ever seen complete with prison-like walls, sharing it with someone you just met. For example, my freshman year fall semester, I had a roommate who collected piñatas. Needless to say, by the time she moved out the first few days of the Spring semester, I really can’t tell you how happy I was to actually have breathable air again. College dorms are NOT storage units so please leave your dust collectors at home, folks. Only pack what you need.


Keep it clean and respect others

Talk to your roommates and make sure that every one of them chips in for cleaning supplies and also discuss who will be in charge of what. If share the bathroom with another roommate, alternate cleaning days. The best way to avoid roommate drama and problems is to communicate constantly.


 Get involved

The best way to do that is by joining intramural sports, going out to campus events, joining a club or getting a job on campus. For example, I worked at my college library all four years I lived at school. The library at my school was where everyone came for free coffee so I got to see the majority of people that went to my school.


 GPA isn’t everything

In no way should you slack off. You are wasting someone’s money. Yet, don’t get too down if you struggle at first with college-level academics. It’s totally normal. It doesn’t mean you should give up.

Best of luck to you and remember, no matter how stressful it gets, just check in with Mom and Dad when you can, and keep a positive outlook. When all else fails, turn up the music, close the door to your room and dance. That’s my go-to get through college tip. Now twerk.


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