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Introducing the Sunghosts

Photo: Edzster Photography

Photo: Edzster Photography

Composed of four radically different, yet complimentary, personalities, Sunghosts was born on a whim and are bound by the will of what keeps them together today—their love for music.

They have performed all over Miami, from intimate venues to large music festivals. Thanks to their energy-filled performances and relatability, they’ve established a large following and now have begun to expand their “sun-drenched rock n roll” further north. Just this summer, they embarked on a tour where they performed in seven different states.

What drives Sunghosts to work hard is the passion they have for Miami, their home city. One of their most popular songs, “Til the City Goes Under,” is dedicated to it.

Singer-Songwriter Nik Olas said, “[It’s about] the status of the city of Miami in terms of creative people. It’s so difficult for them to ‘make it’, especially in the rock scene or the art scene….[It’s difficult] to be successful and earn a living.”

The Sunghosts have come a long way. They began as a DIY band, finding gigs themselves and “hustling” to get their unique band name on playlists all over Miami. They learned that communicating with their fans was crucial and so, with power of social media, they were able to accomplish what they wanted—gaining an intimate relationship with their fans.

“At the end of the day, we’re fans of fans,” said bassist Jared Steingold when asked about whether or not they believe they ‘made it’. “We genuinely love being around people and having a good time with people. That’s all it is. No matter what the number of that is, it doesn’t matter, as long as we’re making them feel great”

Nik Olas and drummer Luis Estopinan nodded in unison.

Because of the distinct relationship Sunghosts have with their fans, their energy synchronizes with the jumping and singing of the audience, making their concerts a vivid experience.

Nik plays the guitar, sings, and shouts into the microphone while guitarist Arminio Rivero and bassist Jared whip their hair in circles. Luis passionately and aggressively beats the drums behind them. Meanwhile, bright lights shower the crowd as they dance and sing along to the upbeat music of the band.

At the 8th annual Everglades Awareness Benefit concert, a girl hearing them for the first time listens with curiosity and soaks in the new sounds with admiration, slightly nodding her head to the beat of Luis’ drums. A mother in the crowd, attending only for the sake of her teenaged daughter, becomes a rock fan when the band plays “Polterguy.” A group of older men, with long beards and muscle tees, bang their heads back and forth.

By the end of their performance, both Sunghosts and the crowd before them are dripping in sweat.

“‘I’d call it fate or destiny, but this is all that was meant to be,” said Nik.


To learn more about Sunghosts, go to or follow them on Twitter at @SunGhostsBand

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by Edysmar Diaz-Cruz

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