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Sufjan Stevens at the Gusman Performing Arts Center

Event: Sufjan Stevens

Venue: Gusman Performing Arts Center

Date: November 7, 2015


Multi-instrumentalist, song-writer, and self-taught musician Sufjan Stevens will be a long way from his chilly Midwest hometown in Michigan. At the age of 40, Stevens has churned out a dynamic discography, which dabbles in anything from electronica to lo-fi to symphonic instrumentals. Stevens’s style knows no bounds, and his latest release Carrie and Lowell only attests further to his musical flexibility. On Carrie and Lowell, Stevens finds himself returning to his tamer indie folk roots, which hone in on emotionality and instrumentation.

Stevens’s latest tour, making a stop at the Gusman Performing Arts Center in Miami, is in support of this release. Fear not, upbeat pop lovers, “indie folk” is not synonymous with boring or drawling – in fact, Stevens’s intimacy with his own songs and their meanings may only pull you in as well.

From his clear, unintimidating voice to his more techno sensibilities, Stevens’s set list could very well be as variable as his musical repertoire. It’s always better – more suspenseful, at least – to enter a concert without knowing what songs will be played. The same should be suggested with this Sufjan Stevens show; chances are, he has too many songs for you to know them all anyway. So forget about impressing your friends by knowing every lyric; enjoy an evening of surprises and wonder.

By Carina Vo

Doors open at 8PM

Open to ALL AGES

Prices vary by section

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