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Demi Lovato’s New Album is a ‘Confident’ Success

She started from the bottom and now she’s here. And by she, I’m referring to Demi Lovato, the singer-songwriter who got her big break on Barney and Friends. Yet she’s left both Barney and Disney in the past. Now 23, the musician is sticking to her signature style of letting the music tell her story, but she’s no longer telling a story of struggle; her fifth album has a different theme: confidence. Lovato is even becoming a body positive role model by recently signing a modeling contract with Wilhemina Models.

Released on October 16, 2015, Confident was the first studio album released on the Hollywood and Island co-joining record label, Safehouse Record,s which Demi started with fellow musician, Disney castmate, and longtime friend Nick Jonas.


Song by Song Review

“Confident”: The title track and second single off the album has a line that sums up the theme of the entire album on the track: “So you say I’m complicated/that I must be out my mind/but you’ve had me underrated.”

“Cool For The Summer”: On the lead single off the album co-written by Max Martin, Lovato’s vocals on the track slay because, as a full-lyric soprano, Demi has a vocal range that spans four octaves.

“Old Ways”: This song is about how, once you let go of the things and habits that try to destroy you, you see yourself changing for the better. Lovato wrote it about her addiction struggles and how she’s in a better place now that she has no interest in going back to her old ways.

“For You”: Despite being a song not written by Lovato, she performs it from personal experience with heartbreak. It’s about the frustrating situation of realizing you would do anything for someone because you love them that much, but they don’t love you the same way and trying to understand why.

“Stone Cold”: This is a song about seeing someone you used to love, and instead of freezing up, you must convince them you are happy for them. This is one of Lovato’s best vocal performances of her career. She enjoys singing soulful songs, and it shows as you can hear the emotion in her voice on this track.

“Kingdom Come”: A song featuring Iggy Azelea, it’s a song I believe Demi wrote about her relationship with Wilmer Valdarrama.

“Waiting For You”: Featuring Sirah, this track is one of my favorites on the album as it tells the frustration with the way girls fight with each other, how they pettily talk trash about one another and compete instead of talking it out one on one. Lovato wrote it about her struggles with bullying.

“Wildfire”: This song is about a passionate relationship that burns from the inside out and consumes you like a wildfire.

“Lionheart”: This track is about two friends whose love for one another contains so much strength and fearlessness that, when they are apart or go through a difficult time, their light inhabits both of them. Lovato dedicates this song to her dog that passed away, Buddy.

“Yes”: A soulful song that Lovato hopes will become a wedding song, this tracktalks about saying yes to someone in every way possible.

“Father”: Lovato wrote this song for her father who suffered from mental illness and passed away from cancer in 2013. It’s a touching and emotional song that declares the singer’s hopes that heaven is giving her father a second chance, as she never had a good relationship with him while he was on the Earth. Her father divorced her mother, Dianna Hart, when Demi was only two years of age because he had bipolar disorder and knew he couldn’t take care of their family. Hart married Eddie De La Garza soon after, and Demi was raised by her stepdad, but she was confused as to why her real dad left.

Other notable tracks on the deluxe edition are “Stars”, which gives a head nod to fighter Rhonda Rousey, and “Mr. Hughes”.

As a fan of Lovato’s from her first performance during the show As The Bell Rings, I can do nothing but #CelebrateConfident for the masterpiece this album very clearly is.

By Chelsea DeVries

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