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Hell On Wheels: The Power of Dating Apps

Hello everyone!

Recently, I went through a breakup, and to mostly get my mind off of my life, I decided to go on Tinder. It was my first “real” breakup, so there was obviously a little more sting.

I thought that, maybe, a few guys trying to get to second base in their second message to me would at least provide a laugh.

Well, I wasn’t wrong. Tinder is mostly guys looking to hook up, and they’re bummed when you want to do something as barbaric as (gasp) TALK! How dare I?? This is about 95% of Tinder.


Here’s what you’re gonna get most of the time:

Guy: hey

Girl: hey!

(five minutes later)

Guy: u got pics?



Guy: hey!

Girl: hey!

(five minutes later)

Guy: so you wanna hook up later lol


Or, my favorite:

Guy: hey!

Girl: hi!

Guy: my phone # 4075552198

Girl: ….I’m not calling you

Guy: you got a kik?


OK, Seriously guys. When along the line did you learn from society that people would send you pics, or more, after five minutes of knowing you? Okay. Let’s put IT ALL away and talk like normal teenagers.

But you know what? Even I have to admit it’s not that bad. When you’re on it as much as I am, trying to find a friend (or maybe more), you finally get a glimpse of that normal 5%. I met a couple guys who were cool with aspects of my life, and one even came over to my house (Don’t worry. Nothing happened!) and we watched Doctor Who. I’ve even met some girls on there, who are beautiful and nice and aren’t like the guys on the site.

Which brings me to my next point…

HER. Her is an app for girls who do not identify as straight (however they have labels from bi to polysexual). I love this app. I think that this is a fantastic app for finding friends or more. It’s not like Tinder; basically, you put up photos of yourself, and if someone likes one and you like one of theirs, you can chat. No swiping, just clicking.

Some people may be judging me for sinking as low as using dating apps. But it really helped me regain my confidence after everything that happened. It showed me that there are people out there who don’t care about the wheelchair or any other issue I’ve assumed has been the problem. Using these apps have taught me to come out of my shell a bit and take more chances in my love life.

Who knew that apps had so much power over people!?

By Molly Tracy

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