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Going Back to School, New Year Style

Starting a new semester, taking new classes (maybe), setting new goals and being that much closer to the end of the school year—it’s time to finish strong.

So you promised yourself straight A’s this time around? Or that for the New Year, you’ll get organized and stay focused? To make it more legit, it’s become your New Year’s resolution.

Only 8% of people actually achieve their resolution, according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute.

And with top 2015 New Year’s resolutions including tasks like “learn something exciting every day” and “getting organized”, it’s a safe bet to say that the odds are not in your favor when it comes to achieving your school-related resolution.

Well, here’s how to beat the odds and achieve your scholastic goals this 2016.

First, be realistic.

If you scraped by for straight B minuses last semester, then maybe straight A’s aren’t practical; after all, school only gets harder. Give yourself a GPA goal, like maybe straight B’s or at least one A.

It’s the little rewards that will help you improve, and you won’t be bummed when straight A’s seem out of reach. Not reaching a goal can sometimes feel like failing, so don’t set yourself up for failure.

Second, understand that it’s going to take work. If it were easy, you wouldn’t have made it your resolution.

Getting organized means finally owning a planner and actually keeping up with it. Set aside some time to fill it out once a week until it becomes habit.

Sure, writing down all of your due dates is the first step, but going back to check and adding the little things like that lunch date you have with a friend integrates school into your lifestyle too.

Life hack: don’t plan a lunch date when you have an exam the next day, especially if you’re shooting for an A on that baby.

Third, getting focused means prioritizing getting focused.

Maybe you’re trying to take less Netflix breaks as you prioritize your studies.

Make reminders. Put them on sticky notes, on your TV, on your laptop, on your phone.

It’s easy to forget what you’re supposed to focus on when you’re bored of the same topics and that next episode of Scandal is tempting you. Just remind yourself why you made the resolution before you’re six episodes in.

Lastly, don’t complicate it.  A resolution could be as easy as just doing better in school.

It seems easy, but make sure to detail what that entails. Does doing better mean hitting the books harder at the library or doing extra credit? Maybe it means just checking in with your teacher more. Your Chem professor knows more about Chemistry than you do.

And make sure to check up on your goals mid-way through the year and keep up with your resolution. Give yourself concrete goals, and that way, you can officially say that you met your 2016 goals—you know, the ones you made a year ago.

By Gabriella Nuñez

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