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Cancel the Cliché: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With flower bouquets, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and teddy bears already filling store shelves, there’s no time like the present to get a Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart. Combining the wholesome with the personal, this list of ideas is sure to give you the perfect starting point to a gift that your partner will both love and cherish.

For Him

  1. Whether your beau is into science, games, technology or the environment, offers gifts in a wide range of categories, price ranges, and complexity. Is your boyfriend an arts student? ThinkGeek sells a realistic camera lens travel mug for only $12.99. Maybe your man is more into old school gaming? ThinkGeek also sells a Nintendo Gameboy styled flask for $14.99. If the two of you have recently moved in together and you are willing to increase this year’s Valentine’s budget, you could give your guy a light-up desktop jellyfish aquarium for $24.99 and help add some ambiance to your new place together!
  1. If you’re looking for a more hand-made approach to Valentine’s Day, a photo collage of his favourite band, movie, or TV series would not only show how much you support his interests, but also give him a truly personal way for him to decorate his bedroom or living room. In order to ensure that the collage is large enough for decorative purposes and thick enough so as not to curl inwards, my advice would be to mount the photographs, magazine cut-outs, etc. onto black poster board and have the collage laminated for a more professional, durable finish.

For Her

  1. Does your girlfriend love animals? Music? Literature? How about fashion? No matter what her core interests may be, I guarantee you’ll be able to find a meaningful gift that your sweetheart will adore on Not only does the website offer an immense variety of categories and an even greater range of subcategories, but each item on the site is also handmade by the seller, meaning your Valentine’s Day gift will be unique. Certain sellers will work to customize your gift, so you could include a photo, engraved text, or symbol that your girlfriend would find truly sentimental.

    While it’s true we’ve all got pictures of our significant others on our phones and social media accounts, photos become that much more personal when printed out and thoughtfully arranged in a collection. For an especially sentimental gift, sites such as offer an array of customizable options to create the perfect, one-of-a-kind photo album for your special lady to smile and reflect on. Bonus points if you handwrite a love note to include at the back for an additional romantic touch.

  1. Another personalized gift idea drawing on art and photography is a calendar filled with your girl’s favorite bands, movies, world landmarks, etc. Once you’ve collected a dozen or so images, you can use a site like to help layout all the photos and other visuals into a truly special way for your lady to remember the year to come.

Let us know if you have or will be using any of these sites this Valentine’s Day!

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