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DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is a time to treat your loved one and to show them how much your relationship means to you. What better way to express that love than by creating something yourself? You can’t put a price tag on all the effort and dedication that went into making them that special gift.

Here are few simple D.I.Y. card ideas:

  1. A Sticker Mandala Card

Materials: Paper, pencil, ruler, and stickers (lots!)

With your pencil and ruler, outline some sort of pattern that you want to place the stickers. A typical mandala forms circles within circles and has parts that curve out. With this idea, you can use stickers to share a story. Whether it was your first date or an embarrassing moment you shared together, this card can be an artistic and funky way to declare your love for your partner.

  1. A Lacy Letter

Materials: Paper, glue, and heart doilies.

Write your loveliest love letter onto the paper, and once you’ve finished, center the note on the heart doily with the bottom of the heart facing upwards. First, fold the left and right sides and then fold the bottom followed by the top. Place a sticker or some glue to close your lace envelope. You can make several of these little letters and place them around the house to create a scavenger hunt for your loved one or place them throughout their belongings so they can have several surprises throughout the day.

  1. An Edible Card

Materials: Cookie dough, brownie mix or cake mix as well as icing in the color of your choice.

Here’s how you can indulge your sweet tooth while expressing your love to your significant other. Bake their favorite good– whether it’s cookies, brownies, cake, or all three – in the shape of a large heart, and write your message with the colored icing. An alternative would be to cut out smaller hearts from the larger baked good. On the smaller ones, you can write one reason or thing that makes you love your significant other. These treats are bound to be a delight regardless.

  1. 52 Reasons

Materials: You can either buy a deck of cards or print out a template of the cards. You will also need scissors, ribbon, a marker, and a hole puncher.

If you decide to print out the template, you will need to type up the 52 different reasons why you love your partner into the template before printing it out. Once you do, you cut out the cards, hole punch them and place the ribbon through the holes to keep them together. If you buy the deck of cards, you may need to write your reasons on a separate note the size of the card so that you can tape it over the cards illustrations. If you want to take it a step further, you can turn some of the cards into coupons that they can redeem, or you can replace them with photos from memorable moments.

  1. Traditional

Materials: Copy paper, construction paper pen, markers, and glue.

There is nothing wrong with creating a simple card for your loved one. With this card, you can be as creative as you want in terms of colors, cutting, writing, style, etc. The basic instructions for this card would be to write out your love note on the copy paper and then glue it on top of the construction paper for a framed look. One design example would be to cut your card (the copy and the construction paper) into the shape of a heart. Whatever you decide to do, the card will be special nonetheless!

By Maria Vasquez

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