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Stay Safe this Spring Break

Spring air has found its way into our backyards, schedules and with one Sharpie X at a time, we count down the days until our long-awaited Spring Breaks.

Every year, college and high school students from all over the country anxiously anticipate what might be the wildest week of the year away from all the overwhelming responsibilities of school. Spring Break is the perfect time to lay beside palm trees and re-energize before the sleepless nights and tiresome study days continue.

Prior to going on your long-awaited vacation and mapping out each day’s adventure, consider the importance of taking necessary precautions and planning time to safely enjoy this time with friends and family.

Take the road with caution and drive safely. Never drive while sleepy or intoxicated, and alternate drivers when taking long road trips. You can’t control the roads or the drivers on them, but you can literally take the wheel of your own safety.

If you’re planning on visiting beaches, parks, and water parks during the break, avoiding sun exposure when UV rays are most intense – from 10 AM to 4 PM – is essential. Be responsible and take something as simple as sunblock or a first-aid kit; it’ll alleviate your worries of impending sunburn.

During parties, be responsible, and most importantly, follow your instincts and discern right from wrong. Don’t take drinks from strangers – you don’t really know what they’re giving you. If you’re uncomfortable, stay close to someone you know, and avoid situations that put you in positions in which you’re alone.

Keeping an eye on your finances is something many fail to do during vacation; a splurge of the moment is far more exciting than calculating everything, especially if traveling. Nonetheless, having a budget is recommended.

It is also important to keep all electronic devices charged in case of any emergency, and always ask for help if confusion arises. Don’t be afraid to call your parents or a trusted adult, even if you’ll get in trouble. Being grounded for a week may be a small price to pay for getting out of a dangerous situation.

Before travelling, attempt to jot down a game plan and other alternatives in the event that something goes wrong. Planning for the worst rather than being unprepared will save everyone a few headaches.

Booking reservations in advance is always ideal, but in the event that all efforts fail, make sure that time, above everything, is well spent with the right people. It can either make or break your Spring Break.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to have a memorable, safe, and exciting Spring Break.

By Carolina Espinal

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