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Giving Back to Mother Earth

Photo by Alex Pajunas |

Photo by Alex Pajunas |

Mother Earth gave you a home, and she gives you food, water, and just about everything you need to live. Therefore, the least you can do on Earth Day and throughout the month of April is give back to the planet to make the world a better place.

Whether it’s through beach clean-ups, volunteering at an animal shelter, or joining a club, giving back should be fun! Bring your friends and improve the environment of South Florida by participating in these simple ways:


South Florida is surrounded by beaches, and beach clean-ups are a great and easy way to make the city more beautiful.

The Biscayne Nature Center (6767 Crandon Blvd.) hosts beach clean ups every second Saturday from 9 AM to noon. For more information, contact Alexandra Cervantes at or (305) 361-6767, ext. 112.

Just because there aren’t any beach clean-ups organized at your favorite beach doesn’t mean you can’t clean up!

You could organize a beach clean-up of your own by promoting it with your friends or via social media to invite other volunteers to clean-up. After the clean-up, you can take advantage of the beautiful South Florida weather and spend the day at the beach.


Part of what makes the Earth a beautiful place is the animals that contribute to the ecosystem. Animal shelters in Miami-Dade are always looking for volunteers to give animals attention, take care of their grooming needs, and work with visitors.

Miami-Dade Animal Services is also always seeking foster families to take care of pets. Volunteers must be 18 or older to volunteer or 15 or older if volunteering with a parent or adult. For more information, visit



Taking care of the Earth should be a year round commitment. Joining a club is a great way to be committed to environmental projects.

Greenpeace is one of the world’s largest global campaigning organizations targeted at achieving sustainability. Volunteers can support Greenpeace online by donating to the organization, signing petitions, or helping recruit members.

The organization seeks volunteers to sail on their ships and run local campaigns. For more information, visit

Miami is also home to a variety of environmental service clubs, like the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club has over 2,500 members in Miami-Dade and Monroe County. Their mission to protect natural places in South Florida by promoting responsible use of its ecosystems.

The club is looking for volunteers to help various environmental committees and seeks volunteers to write for their newsletter, talk about the environment at events, and take kids on trips to the outdoors. To get involved, visit


You don’t have to join a club, donate to an organization, or clean the beach to help the Earth this month.

You can give back to the Earth by:

  • planting a tree in your backyard
  • picking up litter in your neighborhood
  • reducing the amount of electricity you use
  • walking/biking instead of driving.

Many schools have environmental clubs that will be hosting campus-specific events for Earth Day as well.

Florida International University (FIU) will host Nature Preserve Volunteer Days at 11200 SW Eighth St at these times:

  • 4 PM to 7 PM on April 11
  • 1 PM to 4 PM on April 27

    9 AM to noon on April 30

Volunteers will help out through tree and brush cutting, invasive species control, plantings and trail maintenance. To register, contact (305) 348-3717 or

The best way to get out and volunteer is to find friends who want to volunteer with you! After a day of cleaning up, spend a day with your squad enjoying South Florida’s sunny outdoors.

Inform others about the Earth while giving back.

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