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Take Charge for a Self-Employed Summer

If you’re a student taking the summer off, it’s likely that you’re one of a million other twenty-somethings who has handed out a resume at the malls, coffee shops, and restaurants in your area. These workplaces may be the obvious choice for summer work, but competition proves fierce, and many of these places have already finished their summer hiring. So, what other options are out there for students seeking summer jobs?

If you’re innovative, hard-working, and willing to be creative, you can pocket a decent number of dollars each month through your own business ventures. Below are several self-employment ideas to help you tuck away some funds for the coming school year.

Freelance writing and editing

If you have a strong command of the written word and a touch of marketing flare, you can put your talents to use in a professional way as a freelance writer or editor. Freelancers work for themselves producing content for their clients, usually charging an hourly or flat rate for a particular piece. Virtually all websites nowadays publish content created by freelance writers, and many websites use freelancers to edit all of their submitted articles, blog posts, biographies, etc. To start, make a list of sites you would be interested in contributing to, and pitch article ideas for their consideration. While you’re at it, why not make a start by reaching out to Outloud!

Audio transcription

Transcription is the process of turning audio content into written text. All of the newspapers and online news publications that you follow rely on the work of transcribers to write out the recorded content of their interviews and camera footage. A good way to jump into transcription work is by approaching a local newspaper and asking to transcribe one or two interviews, and then using this experience to market yourself as freelance transcriber.

House-sitting and pet-sitting

With so many people leaving on vacation, summer is an opportune time to profit as a house and/or pet sitter. Many people post sitter ads to sites such as Craigslist or on community boards, rec centres, and shopping complexes. If you want to advertise your services but do not have the money to print flyers, you can create a profile on sites like Pet Sitters and connect with pet owners looking for someone to help them out while they’re away.

Virtual Assistant

Many successful entrepreneurs and business executives outsource a bulk of their administrative work to virtual assistants. Job tasks such as data entry, email correspondence, and writing company newsletters are a small number of tasks that virtual assistants perform for their clients without ever stepping foot inside an office.  Subreddits like r/forhire and r/freelance_forhire are great places to advertise your services or search for postings by others looking to hire a virtual assistant.

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