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III Points: At the Intersection of Art and Music

iiipointslogoWhat: III Points Festival

Where: Mana Wynwood

When: October 7-9, 2016


Entering its fourth year, the III Points festival has already been established as one of the most buzzworthy and essential festivals of South Florida. Between braving the momentary Zika outbreak in Wynwood and erecting a naked Trump statue above the festival’s own billboard, III Points is – as always – making a strong statement and asserting its staying power.

The festival itself lasts three days, but that doesn’t seem like enough to take it all in, let alone see every act you’d want to. With powerhouse, veteran headliners like LCD Soundsystem and more niche-y newcomers like SOPHIE, this year’s line-up perfectly represents the range of just-below-mainstream alt-pop, hip hop, dream pop, and more. And with organizers respecting the festival’s Miamian roots, locals like Lautlos and Sunghosts will be performing on those same stages.

Especially because of its location, III Points epitomizes the intersection between music and art. The festival grounds become a walkthrough art installation – last year’s portal-like entrance and glowing pyramids set an otherworldly scene, not to mention each artist’s distinct visuals, like the psychedelic projections Panda Bear brought in 2015.

There are also activation events each day before the festival opens, from fan zine workshops to art auctions. If observing isn’t enough, you can try immersing yourself in the Virtual Reality Lounge, which will be open to the public all three days, or floating through the most recently announced, Vaporwave-inspired installation, Sunset@Noon. Only one of the events, the “intimate” four-artist Wake Bake and Revive concert, is kept privy to invitees only, so if you find yourself with a pass into the event, it’d be wise not to waste it.

The first two tiers of general admission 3-day passes have already sold out, and the latest round of those will probably go just as quickly. Single-day passes are also available at varying prices per day. And for anyone looking for sanctuary in the form of free drinks, air conditioning, and just a good place to sit, the III Points’ Foresight Passes are the most laidback option.

By Carina Vo


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