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The 5 Best Back-To-School Apps

For most of us, school started just a few weeks ago, and we’re all just trying to get back into the groove of it. After a long summer break, the thought of waking up before noon for class is mortifying, and time management seems like a foreign concept. However, like always, technology is here to help. Here are a few apps that can hopefully make your transition back into school a little less painful:

  1. Your school app. Most schools, particularly universities, have a free app that allows you access to class schedules, campus news and updates, your academic portal, accounts and e-mails. It’s a quick, easy and free way to stay constantly up-to-date with classes, schedules, school events, possible campus closures and so much more!
  1. iCal or the calendar app on your phone. Adding important dates to your calendar is a great way to keep up with due dates. There is nothing worse than falling behind in your classes when you’ve just started. Make sure you have meetings, assignments and other important dates entered with an alert reminder, and managing deadlines will help balance your school and work schedules if you have a job.
  1. Evernote. Often times, one of the biggest struggles of keeping up with class is keeping up with notes. This app is here to help. It helps with recording and organizing notes from different classes and makes the note-taking process less painful. Your information is also transferable from your phone to laptop for easy revision on the go.
  1. CourseSmart. Why spend hundreds of dollars buying a textbook you’ll only need for one semester? This app is free and gives you access to over 7,000 textbooks. You’re granted access for a limited amount of time until the textbooks expire. Much like a virtual renting service, this app allows access to books without committing to the price or physical weight of a textbook.
  1. Flashcards+. Flashcards are a great way to study, but they can pile up very quickly. One flashcard turns into 10, which can turn into 1,000 by exam season. Flashcards+ is a virtual way to help you study. You can use your phone to easily write and store virtual flashcards, which are a lot easier to keep track of than loose, physical flashcards. With easy access and storage on your phone, this app makes studying a breeze.

These apps will ease your progression back into school life and make getting through the year a little more doable. Good luck!

By Leah Symmone

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