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Fall Fashion 2016: Don’t Forget the Denim

Nancy Wheeler of Stranger Things

Nancy Wheeler of Stranger Things

Along with October comes the autumn breeze, and along with the autumn breeze erupts one of the most resilient seasons for fashion: Fall, when style and comfort gracefully come together as “fall fashion.” While our boots and outerwear have been collecting cobwebs in the corner of our closets, nothing feels better than giving those pieces a ride around town come late September.

Fall fashion is typically characterized by dark/neutral colors and thick woolens, but it’s so much more. With the return of 1970s and ‘80s fashion sparked by series like The Get Down and Stranger Things, autumn is predicted to deliver an abundance of deep red tones and mustard yellows. Pick up a few colored closet staples – like turtleneck and mock neck tops – in these colors to serve as a versatile element of any outfit you piece together.

Denim has flourished into a multifaceted staple fashion item, especially with the retro resurgence. One of the pieces you’ll find yourself reaching for the most is the coveted denim jacket. This often overlooked essential is the perfect addition to any fall for an effortless yet timeless feel. Add your own touch with patches, pins, hand embroidery, and more.


But why stop there? Not only is a denim jacket an absolute necessity, but there’s no way you could possibly go through autumn without an indestructible pair of mom jeans. Paired with any top, no matter how vibrant, denim will give your outfit a casual touch. Subtly flared denim, usually high-waisted, is also making a comeback.

Another total essential is a cardigan or sweater – it’ll come in handy as temperatures drop. Cardigans vary by color and texture, but thick cotton nudes and burgundies are always best for fall. Think of chunky and cable knits that’ll keep you warm but still give you space to breathe.

In terms of footwear, boots receive the most attention in autumn. Not only are they trendy and perfect in case it rains, but boots are also available in a variety of colors and styles, granting you the freedom to pair it with any other fall attire. From lace-ups to thigh highs to booties, boots may just be your best friend this fall.

And of course, no fall outfit is complete without accessories. Feel free to immerse yourself in a sea of scarves, hats, and leg warmers to not only achieve maximum comfort, but also maximum style points.

If you’re looking to change up your hair, fall is a bit of a tricky season. Dark hair colors – natural or dyed – are most appealing during this time of year. It’s also been found that short, bob-like cuts are best to sport in the colder months.

Whatever way you decide to express yourself this fall, don’t forget to harvest your individuality. Autumn as a whole is not a very flashy season in the fashion world, but don’t let that discourage you from showcasing your personality through clothes. In the words of Don Draper, “Make it simple, but significant.”

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