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It’s a Match: Tinder’s and Spotify’s New Collab



Looks, location, age, and a killer biography can easily land you a date on the popular dating app Tinder, but thanks to a recent collaboration with the music streaming service Spotify, your music taste adds an extra bit of flair to your profile.

Since September 20th, Tinder users have been able to connect their Spotify accounts to their Tinder profiles. Once both accounts are connected, users can choose their favorite Spotify artists to appear on their Tinder profiles, and these are presented as their “Top Artists.” This allows Tinder to make suggestions to you based on your Top Artists. It works similarly to suggestions based on mutual friends and common interests, which are based on your Facebook profile.

This collaboration also rolled out your personal “Anthem” on your Tinder profile— one of the most talked about new features. The music streaming platform allows both Spotify users and non-users to choose an Anthem – “that one single track that tells your story,” according to Tinder’s blog – to place on their Tinder profile. It can be any song within the Spotify library!

You don’t have to have a Spotify account to have an Anthem or listen to others’ Anthems – it’s essentially a new universal feature on Tinder, with the music simply being supplied by Spotify. It’d be a turn-off if non-users had to make a Spotify account to maximize their Tinder experiences.

Adding music to a dating profile gives more of a personal touch to the simple 500-character biographies. These additions certainly lead to a more intimate look on what a person’s tastes might be before making the first move. For people looking for a partner with similar music taste, these new features will evidently come in handy when swiping through the suggestions.

However, these new features may not even be considered much by some users, since a significant number of users don’t usually go on the app to seek relationships. The Tinder dating app has become an icon for hookup culture, facilitating an easy way to find someone close by with similar intentions in mind. If all you’re looking for is a one night stand, do you really care what they’re jamming out to in the shower? Probably not.

This new partnership between Tinder and Spotify adds an extra degree of customization to the dating app’s users, and it doesn’t come off as an inconvenience. Whether or not they’ll be used frequently and embraced by the Tinder community is the question. Either way, happy swiping (and now, listening), Tinder users!

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