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Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s Week of Learning


You’ve probably heard a lot about “developing your skills” and “building your resume.” The problem is: Without specific direction, how do you do that?

LinkedIn, one of the world’s leading employment-oriented social networking sites, is here to help. From Oct. 24 through Oct. 30, the platform’s skill-sharing section is hosting the “Week of Learning.” This week, the site’s learning resources – with over 1,000 courses per category – are completely free with only a sign-in required.

From learning the essential basics of Microsoft Excel to creating the ideal marketing pitch, LinkedIn offers a number of business-related courses. This includes accounting, leadership and management, and a lot of other “adult” skills you probably didn’t learn during high school. In the digital era, when entrepreneurial endeavors and freelancing are becoming more and more prevalent, these are skills that are resume must-haves.

The site also offers “creative” courses, which include introductions to Adobe Illustrator and the basics of digital audio. From digital music programs to visual art to video production, the range of creator-related resources is vast. Today, when learning about the arts mostly involves digging through YouTube tutorials, it’s important to have professionally made courses from well-established individuals.

LinkedIn’s third course category is technology, which includes topics like web design, coding and IT infrastructure. It’s imperative for companies to have websites and strong online platforms, so knowledge of these topics is in high demand. Plus, when sixth graders are already taking coding as an elective, it’d be better not to fall behind.

These resources can be accessed from any device at any time during the free period, and you can see which courses are “trending” in your selected area of interest. So, whenever you have free time, you can brush up on the skills that are best for you.

With plenty of spring internship opportunities opening up this month, this is the perfect opportunity to add an extra “wow factor” to your application.

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