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Post-Election Protests Across America

ABC News

ABC News

It’s been almost a week since the presidential election shook the country – and whether the result was for better or for worse is yet to be seen. However, in the spirit of celebrating the First Amendment rights of being an American, protests have broken out nationwide in reaction to president-elect Donald Trump’s victory.

Demonstrations have mostly been set up via social media, specifically through Facebook event pages and word-of-mouth on Twitter. However, it’s not just the fact that so many people aren’t Trump supporters; it’s about what people believe his administration will stand for. #NotMyPresident has been trending on Twitter and Facebook since the night of the election with many people arguing that Trump’s rhetoric is racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic. Many who have vocalized these concerns range in age from 18 to 50, making it clear that this is not just one generation affected.

CNN, which only features a few of many nationwide protests, has listed demonstrations in New York, Massachusetts, California, Oregon, Ohio, and many other locations. Los Angeles protests have ranged in attendance between 1,100 to 8,000 people. In New York, protests focused on Trump’s proposed immigration policies as thousands of people marched and chanted “Not my president!”

Other chants include “Viva Mexico,” “Viva America,” “Lock Him Up,” and “Build Bridges Not Walls” – a jab at Trump’s plan to build a wall to block the Mexican border.

Not all protests have been peaceful. In Indianapolis, police officers were hurt when protesters began throwing rocks, according to a tweet from the police department. As a result, seven people were arrested. At a Portland rally, bottles and other “projectiles” like burning road flares, according to CNN, were thrown. 19 arrests were made that night, according to the Portland PD.

“I’m out here for my countrymen, for all Americans,” said Maria Guadalupe Martinez, 56, to the LA Times.“We’re all connected and, instead of making things worse, instead of going back in time, we should help each other.”

Demonstrations in South Florida have sprung up in Wynwood, Fort Lauderdale, and at Bayfront Park.While the Bayfront protest shut down major streets, there were no reports of violence or arrests. In central Florida, downtown Orlando demonstrations also remained peaceful. There were no arrests or major incidents, and the crowd rallied behind the uniting phrase, “Orlando strong!”

“I want to tell our president-elect that his policies are not acceptable, are not okay,” said Orlando protester Camilo Echeverri to CF News 13.

With organizers continuing to rally behind these concerns, Trump is sure to hear them loud and clear.

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