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Shooting for Social Media Stardom

The Gazette Review

The Gazette Review

With the millennial magic that is social media, the 21st century has opened opportunities for fame. From “YouTubers” to “social media influencers,” formerly unknown creators, comedians, artists, and more have harnessed the power of the web to get their names out there.

Here’s how you can work your way up to social media stardom.

  1. Be yourself, be consistent, and stand out. As cliché as it sounds, doing what you love is the best way to put yourself out there. The more passionate you are about something, whether it’s fashion blogging or painting, the more genuine you’ll be. But the internet is a big place, so you may not be the only person trying to “make it” in a certain area. Think of new twists to common video or post formats like threads, Q&A videos, and so on. And make sure to create a distinct username that you’ll keep consistent across all your social media to make it easier for your followers to find you.
  2. Be relevant and ride the “audience wave.” The digital era is fast-paced, and it might be a little hard to keep up. While your creative process can’t be rushed, direct your efforts toward producing media that is relevant. When an event or meme springs up, it starts trending, and people scroll through the topic to find out what it’s about. Get in on the hype as early as you can.

“You find an audience by finding creative ways to contribute to convos everyone’s having online,” tweeted Francesca Ramsey, host of MTV’s Decoded. “This is why so many [people] make response videos, use viral hashtags, contributing to trending topics. They’re riding the audience wave.”

  1. Post regularly and be consistent. Maintaining a posting schedule is incredibly important, especially for any aspiring YouTubers. A lot of subscribers look forward to certain weekdays when their favorite comedians or “Let’s Players” finally upload their weekly videos. The same goes for Instagrammers, tweeters, and bloggers in general. Be that person that your followers look forward to!
  2. Interact with your followers and fans. Take it from YouTube vloggers: Getting personal with followers is an effective way to keep in touch. While you don’t have to be friends with them, you should always reply to any tweets, Facebook comments, YouTube comments, etc. – if the volume isn’t overwhelming. Even the smallest “Thank you!” is appreciated; if there are people who look up to you, having you notice them is priceless.

“Show your viewers that you care,” writes Twitch streamer SinfullyRiddling on her site. “Make mental notes of things they tell you about.”

  1. Collaborate with similar creators. Whether you’re an #Artist on Tumblr or a photographer on Instagram, collaborations are key. Artists can team up to create web comics, fashion photographers and models can come together for a shoot, gaming YouTubers can record themselves playing multiplayer games together. Whatever the joint project is, the point is to bring together the followers and fans of both creators to maximize outreach.

By Carina Vo

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