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5 Ways to Volunteer During Winter Break

Winter Break is well-needed time off from school. Whether you spend it studying, working, or sleeping, it’s always good to take time to give back. Giving the gift of volunteering to those who are less fortunate will spread holiday cheer and lighten up spirits. Joined by the company of friends or family, take the opportunity to give back to your community this holiday season.

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Feeding South Florida

Feeding South Florida is a member of Feeding America, a non-profit organization that aims to feed people through the community, ranging from soup kitchens to food pantries to shelters. With a nationwide network of over 200 food banks, Feeding America plays a major role in feeding 46 million people annually throughout the country.

Anyone over the age of 12 can volunteer, but those ages 12-16 require a parental supervisor; great excuse to bring your whole family. Volunteers are rewarded with community service hours and court-ordered volunteer time.


Feeding the Hungry

As part of HandsOn Broward, an organization helping to create a positive impact in Broward County, Feeding the Hungry will take place at the Jubilee Center of South Broward. The Center is located in Hollywood and aims to serve around 170 people every weekday. Volunteers must be willing to handle food by preparing and serving meals, and assisting in clean up afterwards. Dates are available all throughout winter break, so choose whichever are most convenient for you.


University of Miami Hospital

Winter break is a great way to reflect on a career path, and take steps towards your future. If your interest lies in the healthcare field, the University of Miami is searching for volunteers willing to dedicate their time and service to patients, faculty and staff. Local to South Florida, The University of Miami Hospital opens its doors to volunteers over the age of 15.


Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

If you’re already into the medical field, the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center exposes its volunteers to the healthcare industry. By dealing with patients and members of staff, volunteers gain experience behind the scenes and meet new people. Those interested may start at any time throughout the year, but must be able to dedicate a minimum of 40 hours.


Broward Outreach Center

The Broward Outreach Center is an organization which houses and serves the homeless and the needy of South Florida. They also host different events, which are run by volunteers. The Center serves at three campuses: Pompano Beach, Hollywood, and Miami. Volunteers can take part in holiday celebrations, thrift store assistance, and tutoring.


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