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Can the President-elect unify America?

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After a long and controversial presidential race between two of the most disliked candidates in recent history, division among Americans has grown deeper. Donald Trump’s unexpected victory on election night only intensified this division, with many putting his policies into question. Policies that, according to the Washington Post, “[are] some of the most far-right policies put forward by a Republican candidate in history.”

Additionally, Trump disregarded the notion of a filter, freely allowing his sentences to be laced with racism, sexism, and other controversial topics. Those comments, as well as the policies mentioned above, only added more fuel to the debate, making the division between American citizens even more pronounced.

One of his more scandalous policies, which caused a lot of controversy, was the promise to build a wall along the US-Mexico border in order to help regulate immigration. He justified this plan by claiming that a majority of Mexican immigrants are bringing crime and drugs into the country. Trump also promised that this three billion dollar wall would be paid for by the Mexican government itself, even though Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and other government officials denied this would be the case.

These types of policies were the main reason many opposed Trump, but he seemed to be aware of this and tackled the issue in his acceptance speech. After winning the race and becoming the president-elect, one of the first things he mentioned was unity, saying he acknowledged the gaps and divisions between the American people and promised to work to mend them.

“It’s time for America to bind the wounds of division… time for us to come together as one,” Trump said in his speech.

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Trump filled the entirety of his speech with promises like these, assuring everyone that the division will cease with him as the president. Yet, this equality and unity that he wants to obtain between the American people contradict the comments he made during the race.

Unless Trump continues to fulfill his promise of creating a compromise with other parties, the next four years could be heavily filled with profound Republican influence, creating backlash from the other parties.

However, not all of Trump’s policies are causing division. According to the New York Times, his tax reform plans seem to be just another version of those with plenty of support from centrist Democrats. The fact that this plan and a few of his policies have some democratic acceptance gives us at least some hope that compromise could be achieved during his presidency.

By Elizabeth Gonzalez

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