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How To Gift On A Budget

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Ah, Christmas is finally here! To most, that means ugly sweaters, decorations, food, and gifts. However, being in college with either a minimum wage job or an unpaid internship means that money is scarce, especially if you have to buy gifts for a lot of people. But worry not! I’m here to lend a hand with some ideas that won’t break your budget, and could even leave enough for you to buy that Christmas-themed drink from Starbucks.

First, let’s look at some gifts that won’t break your bank, but won’t break two days after Christmas. You can find great deals using third party websites and even Chrome plug ins! I personally love the site Tanga and Likeacoupon.

Tanga is a third party site that allows you to get normally expensive things for cheap prices. Just a few of the deals include a multiple USB charger for $14 (regularly $40), a car charger for $8 (regularly $40), and a Bluetooth headset for $9 (regularly $40). My experiences with them have always been positive, and it’s a great way to buy tech gifts that won’t break the bank.

Likeacoupon is a similar website. It goes through daily coupons and sales, and sends you multiple emails where you can find deals. If you have a bit more money, but still have to save, this is also a good way to keep track of deals going on across the interwebs.

Now, if you’re a college student on a limited budget like me, DIY gifts are most likely your best friend. And you’re not alone either, typing DIY into google immediately brings up ‘DIY Christmas gifts’. From Pinterest to Buzzfeed, every site has some kind of ideas for your loved ones.

Some of the best ideas:

 If you’re not super crafty, you might want to check out Buzzfeed’s “39 Christmas Gifts You’d Actually Want to Receive.” This includes instructions for making studded iPhone cases, a nebula pillow, rings for friends, bracelets, candles, notebooks, and even decorated sunglasses.

The Huffington Post also has a few ideas, and combines them into categories for different people in your life. Some of these are more difficult than others, but it’s about the thought, right?

Finally, if crafting is what you live for, I suggest looking at Country Living’s 58 DIY Christmas gifts. These are for the crafting elite, otherwise, DO NOT TRY AT HOME!

If none of these are up your alley, think of what your family likes and just reme
mber the old saying: it’s the thought that counts. Make a video showing how much you appreciate them! Write them a letter saying what makes them special! Anything you do to show your family and friends how much you love them will be appreciated, no matter the cost.

Have a Happy Holiday from OUTLOUD!


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