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Spring Cleansing of the Soul Starts Now

Photo by WikiHow

Photo by WikiHow

Spring is on the rise, the air is filling with pollen, and the bird choir is singing a sweet tune. Yet, you can’t feel it, can’t see it, and can’t hear it. Time is moving quickly, and it’s important to not let the overwhelming sunshine go to waste. The moment to conquer the rest of 2017 is now.

With a third of the year gone by, those resolutions that you made during New Years are more than likely stuffed in the back of the closet. But don’t let failed resolutions haunt you; it’s never too late. Pick up the gym membership card and show your body who’s in control. The beach body that you dream of is only as far away as you make it seem.

Or maybe your body isn’t what you’re trying to improve. The mind is where the magic starts, and often times, your mental wellbeing gets neglected in the face of everyday life. A simple way to polish the gears of the brain is to give yourself a mental detox through yoga. The state of relaxation yoga puts you in can relieve tension built up in your muscles while also easing psychological stress. It’s a double whammy as it brings both physical and mental benefits. Life can be hard, but kicking out a yoga mat is not.

However, before you go on to do those things as well as others, make sure to have a home environment that doesn’t make you sigh when you think of it. After all, change starts at home. Something as simple as a clean, tidy room can make a huge difference on your attitude when you get home after a long day. Clutter and filth will evidently get to your psyche and fog it with rainclouds. Make a small list of chores, and by the time you complete all tasks, you’ll be closer to having a clear mind and —as a bonus— a clean house as well.

However, it is important to not let your everyday resolutions and ambitions take total control of your life. Treating yourself occasionally is vital to your wellbeing. Wave the white flag to that chocolate bar. Take a three-hour nap in the middle of the day. Book that flight to New York. Thirsts must be quenched or else heads might roll.

The point is to be happy with yourself and the direction your life is heading in. If you fall down, don’t hesitate to get back up and keep going. Good things hardly ever come easy, and soon enough, the rewards of overcoming obstacles will start to pour. Small lifestyle changes can make big impacts, so learn to embrace change —rather than reject it.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.” And it’s true, one of your civil duties is to take care of yourself because life and its challenges can weigh heavily on a person, but that is also what makes it so fun and worthwhile. Don’t let this spring go to waste, go out and own it!


By Cesar Zafra

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