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Why Does Father’s Day Get Less Attention?

Photo by Next Projection

Photo by Next Projection

Mother’s Day is one of the year’s most special celebrations, as we take the time to appreciate all that mothers from around the globe have sacrificed for their families. Come May, stores fill their shelves with Hallmark cards, flowers vendors are found in virtually every corner, and ads on TV constantly remind us to honor our favorite women. However, the scene is drastically different when Father’s Day rolls around, as the day is often seen as just an afterthought, or an improvised attempt at making dad feel appreciated.

But the lack of excitement for Father’s Day is not arbitrary. There are a number of reasons to explain why Father’s Day is less celebrated. For example, Mother’s Day has been around a lot longer, being established as a national holiday early in the 20th century. Father’s Day, on the other hand, didn’t come around until 1972 when President Nixon made it an official national holiday.

Another important reason Father’s Day is not celebrated as much is because of expenses that often add up during the months of April and May for holidays and special events like Easter, Mother’s Day, prom, and graduation. This phenomenon is known as Summer Retail Fatigue, and as result, Father’s Day is taken lightly and less money is spent on gifts and celebrations.

Image by ABC

Image by ABC

Concerning gifts, while Mother’s Day offers a wide array of items for mom on her special day— multi-flavored chocolate, colorful flowers, sweet smelling perfumes, shiny jewelry, and so on— marketing for Father’s Day gifts are typically confined to tacky, traditional trinkets like ties, socks, or belts.

Then there are the infamous, unfavorable stereotypes surrounding fathers—labeling most of them as deadbeat dads or irresponsible—which also serve to make Father’s Day less popular. And even though there is definitely some truth to that (1 in every 3 households don’t have a father or father figure), there are still millions of fathers and father figures who stay with their families and jump through hoops in order to provide for their loved ones.

Like mentioned before, mothers will always have a special place in our hearts, and there is no doubting that the bond a mother shares with her children is unique, but fathers—and those fulfilling the role of fathers—deserve all the love and appreciation they can get on the day dedicated to them.

In fact, you don’t even have to celebrate Father’s Day with great gifts and special dinners. For most, just a sign of appreciation and gratitude is enough. But by no means does this make the holiday any less special. It just makes it different.


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