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Review: Jason Aldean’s ‘They Don’t Know Tour’

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This past weekend, the Coral Sky Amphitheatre hosted one of the biggest country nights of the year in South Florida, with singer Jason Aldean headlining a concert that also brought Chris Young and newcomer Kane Brown to the West Palm Beach venue.

The pregame for the event may have been even more important than the show itself, with fans arriving early for that good ol’ classic country tailgating. Many were already parked at the venue by 10am, drinking beer from the comfort of their tents and from the trunks of their pickup trucks. (For those unfamiliar with country tailgates, the only thing that comes close are football game tailgates—both getting you more than decently intoxicated by the time of the actual paid event.) Therefore, after hours of drinking, it was no surprise that a significant amount of people were already leaving the venue by the third Jason Aldean song.

The show itself started at 7:30pm with opening acts Kane Brown and Chris Young. Meanwhile, DJ Dee Jay Silver—who often comes on Jason Aldean tours—helped pump up the crowd during the boring 30-minute intermissions between acts. However, despite the long intermissions, the concert was a “my kind of party” show, never having an extremely dull moment. If you wanted to dance from act one until the end you definitely could have, since there was always music and someone on stage to hype up the crowd.

Jason Aldean’s set started at around 9:30 and lasted for about an hour and a half. He played a plethora of songs, some of his first albums, some current, and even dedicated some time for a tribute to rhythm and blues legend Greg Allman, who passed away this past May.

Jason performed his most successful song “Dirt Road Anthem,” confessing that he considers it a mix of country with a little pop and rap. But what was most interesting to find out is how personal “Big Green Tractor” is to him, with Jason admitting that he deems it his biggest game-changer. His encore included “She’s Country,” which adequately finished the show with a nice country bang.

At the end of the show, I was honestly surprised at how many people were left inside the venue, since so many had already left in bunches at the beginning of the set. But that’s just how you know it was a really big crowd and a really big concert.

The night was a definite must for all country fans, but if you missed it, perhaps you shouldn’t worry too much. Jason has visited South Florida three times in the last four years, so hopefully, he’ll come again soon so you can catch a drift of his big green tractor.


Story and photos by Gabriela Barbieri

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