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Review: ‘A$AP Mob’s ‘Cozy Tapes Vol. 2’

Photo by Highsnobiety

Photo by Highsnobiety

With a solid roster of features, including Big Sean, Lil Yachty, and Gucci Mane, A$AP Mob’s  sophomore album, Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy, was one of the most anticipated album of the year. But does the record ultimately justify having all these big names on board?

The album is meant to span over the period of a school year at the fictional Yamborghini High, a concept aided by the inclusion of three skits that serve as the intro, interlude, and outro. Due to the nature of these skits, you automatically know what you’re in for. The intro skit, for example, takes place on a school bus on the first day of school, with the students just teasing and making fun of each other, setting up the playful nature of the entire album. Ultimately, however, the skits also serve as a breather, helping break down the album to make it sound less overwhelming.

While lengthy and even dull at times, the album does have quite a few remarkable moments, like promotional singles  “Feels So Good,” and the highly entertaining “RAF,” which features Playboy Carti, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert, and a rap verse from Frank Ocean—who proves, once again, he’s really an all-around artist.

“Frat Rules” is another ambitious track. The song contains amazingly smooth transitions and amazing bars exchanges between A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, and Big Sean. Definitely a must listen.


Other songs you might find yourself vigorously bopping your head to include “Get the Bag” and “Bahamas.” One of the highlights of the album, “Bahamas” features Lil Yachty delivering the opening verse, immediately followed by a quick, witty exchange of bars between the rest of the crew. Schoolboy Q also makes an appearance and flows perfectly with the beat.

Despite the roster of recognizable names featured on the album, Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 ends up sounding like your average trap rap album with occasional mumbles and beats that sometimes sound repetitive, as is the case in songs like “Please Shut Up” and the following track, “Blowing Minds.” With each of the 14 members getting a chance at the spotlight, some of the songs also tend to feel long and drawn out, like 4-minute track “Walk on Water.”

Although the number of featured artists and collaborators is certainly impressive, Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 is nothing unique. While the average listener will definitely be skipping through a few tracks, fans of the genre and the collective should be generally satisfied.


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