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III Points 2017: A Celebration of Art and Music


After the announcement of Gorillaz and The xx as headliners back in April, this year’s edition of III Points had a lot of expectations to fulfill. While there were a couple of minor setbacks here and there—cue torrential rain—the three-day festival successfully delivered on its promises, giving attendees a weekend filled with remarkable music and thought-provoking displays of art and technology.

As is the case with most music festivals, the first day was marked by traffic, long lines at the doors, and a sense of mild confusion among attendees, especially in the early hours of the night. However, as the night progressed, all commotion had subdued and the festival was able to show its true colors—literally.

Come nighttime, flashy neon lights and bright signs brought the festival grounds to life. Vibrant, eye-catching art exhibitions decorated the halls and walls of every building, and a giant disco ball hung above the audience by the Mind Melt stage.


By the time the dust had settled and everyone had become familiar with every stage, the Mind Melt stage had already been filled to the brim, with fans vying for a spot to get a decent look at the most anticipated band of the festival, Gorillaz. The band’s turn on stage was electric and extremely enjoyable; however, many fans were disappointed at the fact they didn’t perform classics such as “Feel Good Inc.” and “DARE.”

By Saturday, the organization had improved and things went much smoother overall. The night had a pleasantly surprising act in the form of Willow Smith (yes, Will Smith’s daughter)—who confirmed she’s a fully-fledged artist despite being only 17 years of age. Rapper Lil’ B and local band Jacuzzi Boys also had memorable performances, but it was Kaytranada who stole the night. The Haitian DJ’s high energy set was, in a way, a great way to make up for the torrential rain that had interrupted the festival earlier that night.


Sunday also brought big names like Nicolas Jaar, Bonobo, and, most importantly, The xx.  The English indie-pop trio has been generating a lot of hype lately, and their performance justified—or perhaps exceeded—all expectations. Their performance blended rock & roll, light electronic beats, and delicate ambient sounds that drove the audience into a trance-like state.

Ultimately, The xx was the perfect conclusion to the weekend, proving to be the most entertaining, well-rounded act in a festival where Gorillaz was meant to steal all the headlines. It was definitely the organizers’ card up their sleeves, as it left people wanting more. However, all we can do for now is just wonder what next year’s edition of III Points will bring.


Article and photos by Alonso Montano 

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