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Post Malone at Revolution Live

On Tuesday, Post Malone’s Stoney Tour came to South Florida for one the most promising shows of the year. With “Rockstar” being the number one single in the country right now, the rapper’s performance at Revolution Live couldn’t have come at a better time.

The venue had to open its doors later than expected due to some technical difficulties that had occurred earlier in the day—including Malone’s Tour Bus breaking down. This caused extremely long lines and heavy traffic, as people from all over South Florida flocked to Ft. Lauderdale to see one of the best rappers in the scene. Fans lined up around the block for hours; akin to when a new Harry Potter book is released.

The concert kicked off with a local lineup of DJs and young rappers who instantly managed to hype up the crowd. Soon after, the tour’s opening act, Smokepurpp took to the stage with his posse. The group’s performance was lively throughout, with incessant jumping, shouting, and wild on-stage antics like crowd surfing and squirting water at the audience.

Smokepurpp then turned it up a notch when, to everyone’s surprise, he brought on stage his best friend Lil Pump. With his recently released debut album making all types of headlines, the Miami native was more than just a pleasant surprise—and the crowd’s enthusiastic reaction was evidence of that. Smokepurpp and Lil Pump’s chemistry on stage was undeniable. On stage, they seemed like two little kids in a bouncy castle, in constant movement and full of energy. Their animated performance left the audience energized and excited—the perfect warm-up for the night’s biggest name.


As soon as Malone stepped on stage, the long lines, traffic, and all other inconveniences were quickly forgotten. With a drink in hand, he quickly began to sing his way through his set list along with everyone in the audience, and with every song he performed, one could see what makes him one of the most sought out talents in hip-hop.  While his voice is deep and raspy at times, his delivery is the complete opposite, oozing passion and even sadness in certain moments. One of the most memorable moments of the night came when he brought out his guitar to pay tribute to Tom Petty with a very intimate cover of Petty’s “American Girl”—which was immediately followed by a very unexpected smashing of the guitar, completely destroying the instrument and changing the tone of the show for its conclusion.

Malone’s guitar antics hyped up the audience in every corner of the venue. Feeding off the crowd’s energy, he closed the show with his biggest hits including “White Iverson,” “Congratulations,” and “Rockstar,” ending the night on the highest of highs. It was exactly what was expected from one of the country’s hottest artists.

by Alonso Montano

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