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The Do’s and Don’ts of Halloween Costumes

When it comes to creating or purchasing a costume for Halloween, there are a lot of things to consider. Here’s a list of very important do’s and don’ts that may help you in the mind-numbing process of choosing a costume.

  1. Don’t: Make/buy a costume that absolutely no one will understand.
Photo by Pinterest

Photo by Pinterest

There is no point in putting time, money, and effort into a costume everyone will question you about the whole night. Why waste time explaining the story behind your obscure costume when you could be out having fun on Halloween.

  1. Do: Be creative!


 Although this piece of advice may seem a bit redundant, it’s important to keep this in mind throughout the process of choosing or creating your costume this year. Everyone is tired of seeing another vampire, black cat, and witch. Mix things up for a change and find something nobody would ever think of. You could even mash up two ideas, such as a cat-witch, or anything that you could possibly imagine. No one wants to run into another person wearing the same costume, so think outside the box!

  1. Don’t: Half try or not try at all on your costume.
Photo by DumpaDay

Photo by DumpaDay

No one applauds the person wearing jeans and a white t-shirt with a mask as an excuse for a costume. If you are going to wear something, dedicate some effort into something that can actually be called a costume. Do you really want to risk being the ‘worst dressed’ at the party?

  1. Do: Make your costume funny, extravagant, or a little gory!


Although Halloween suggests scary and frightening, you can also go for laughs by dressing up as your favorite meme or even a clever pun. And if you choose something more traditional, try adding a little makeup to make it more realistic or gory.

  1. Don’t: Make it inappropriate.
Photo by TJJ

Photo by TJJ

Although it depends on the type of event you would be attending this Halloween, it’s important to judge if your costume is too scary, too sexual, or inappropriately funny. Consider who will attend the party or event, and then set limits for yourself before purchasing or making your costume, even if it is precisely the time to go crazy and show off. Always think twice!

  1. Do: Get inspired by various sources.
Photo by NY Daily News

Photo by NY Daily News

If you are racking your brain for costume ideas, you can never go wrong with notable pop culture references such as novels and movies for quick ideas. However, you might also find a costume idea in a prominent political figure, high-profile athlete, or even a famous criminal. There is inspiration for costumes literally everywhere!

But remember, while costumes are a huge part of Halloween, there is no reason you should spend excessive amounts of money or time trying to figure out what to wear. Ultimately, Halloween is really about having fun with your friends, so don’t stress it and just make sure you enjoy the holiday!

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