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Study Tips For Newly Independent College Students

Photo by Vulture

Photo by Vulture

Going away to college is a liberating experience; you’re leaving the comfort and security of your home for the prospect of new adventures, connections, and experiences. However, it is very easy to feel lost and overwhelmed, especially with the chaos of final exams week slowly approaching.

Here are some tips to help you survive finals week—and college in general.

Identify Your Priorities

As an independent college student, you might find yourself having more free time than expected. It is very easy to get carried away in this extra time if it is not used properly. If you’re not finding enough time to study, ask yourself questions like: Is tonight the best night to meet with my friends? How late will I stay out? Should I really be watching Stranger Things right now? Did I at least get a chance to go over some key topics?

The sudden freedom you experience in college can be overwhelming, but it is imperative that you identify your personal and academic priorities so you can meet your goals.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Let’s say you have a two-hour break in between classes. Instead of taking a nap in the library or watching Netflix on your laptop, you can use these two hours to review some subject materials or catch up on semester readings.  You will be able to retain more information over a longer period of time, as opposed to cramming the night before. Furthermore, this strategy can prevent you from stressing out, since you’re most likely going to have four or five classes that you need to study for.

Find Your Favorite Study Spot on Campus

It is important to know when and where you study best. If you’re night owl, then you’ll most likely be more efficient at night. If you need somewhere that’s dead silent, your school’s library might be a great option—in most university libraries, the higher up you go the quieter it gets. Additionally, you can try and reserve a study room.

However, if you’re someone who prefers to have light noise in the background, maybe a grassy area on campus will do the trick. Or you can just make a study playlist that will help you tackle the books and unwind at the same.

Make Studying Fun!

Don’t forget that college is a great opportunity to make friends, and studying provides a platform to do just that. Be open and friendly. Talk to people in your classes and try to form study groups with them so you won’t feel alone if you have to stay in one weekend. Besides, you can always go for drinks or a movie if you finish studying early.

Ultimately, college can become really stressful, but if you manage your time well and stick to a plan then you will have fewer things to worry about. It might be difficult at first, but learning what methods suit you best is the best way to stay on track.


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