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Make the Most of Winter in South Florida


Photo by NBC6

Photo by NBC6

In Miami, it is easy to think that our holiday break isn’t too magical due to the warm weather – uncharacteristic to winters across the rest of the country. Many times, we spend winter break indoors playing video games, binging on Netflix, or just taking endless naps. However, there are plenty of fun things to do in South Florida over the break. Here’s a list of activities that are certain to keep you from staying indoors.

Santa’s Enchanted Forest 

Located in Tropical Park, this is definitely the place to take your family and friends before it closes on January 7th. If you can’t wait for the Youth Fair in March, this is a fair that opens when the sun sets for the spectacular light shows and holiday displays that is special to this Christmas event. It’s absolutely magical, and even if you’re not a fan of rides, there are many shows to see and lots of food to eat. If you plan on going more than twice, you will save money by purchasing the season pass. Using the promo code NICELIST will save you $10 off a single day admission Monday-Thursday (I tried it myself!) Apart from this, there are some other special promotions listed here.

Completely FREE Outdoor Activities

The fact that South Florida is still relatively warm in the winter means residents are blessed with great weather to spend outdoors. If there’s a particularly warm day, wake up early, grab your friends and go to the beach; even if the water is cold you can soak up the sun and play volleyball or walk down the boardwalk. Plan a picnic potluck, where each of you brings something to contribute and feast. There are also parks and museums such as the Biscayne National Park and Miami’s Institute of Contemporary Art that have no entrance fee, so you can explore art and nature at no cost. It definitely is a change from the typical outing to the mall and the movies!

The Nutcracker Ballet at the Adrienne Arsht Center

If you haven’t yet, this winter break is the perfect opportunity to get into the holiday spirit and see a classic ballet. Not only will listening to the familiar festive music warm your heart, seeing the extravagant production and all the talent of the dancers telling this classic story will simply astound you. The ballet runs through December 30th with tickets starting at $30. For tickets and more information, click here.

Ice Skating

The closest thing Miami residents have to the blistering cold of the north is the Kendall Ice Arena, where you can bring your friends and family to laugh at as they fumble from inexperience. It can also be where you can channel your inner Olympian hockey player or figure skater. If the cold doesn’t appeal to you, Super Wheels is a great place to go to roller skate and play arcade games in black lights. Click here for a $10 dollar discount off two admission tickets and skate rentals on Groupon for the Kendall Ice Arena!

New Year’s Events

If you want to go out on New Year’s Eve and experience the exciting event amongst more people than just your family and friends, there are plenty of places to bring them. You can go to Bayfront Park to see the Orange Drop hosted by Hotel InterContinental or you could go to Wynwood and experience some of Miami’s best New Year’s parties—and plenty of food trucks. Alternatively, an event in Downtown Coconut Grove called the King Mango Strut will take place on the last night of 2017, which consists of a festival filled with comedy, music, and plenty of food.


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