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Album Review: Björk’s ‘Utopia’


A new dawn where the earth is pink and glossy, fleshy and pure, and the music is good too. Bjork’s Utopia is a brilliant continuance from her last album Vulnicura, which focused on the darker aspects of heartbreak. In collaboration with Arca as a producer, the 72-minute album holds samplings of flutes, harps, and birds. Along with this sweet dissonance, the lyrics focus on new love, acceptance of heartbreak, and hope for a feminine future.

      Bjork explores sexuality and new love with a rejuvenating sentiment in songs like “Blissing Me.” The record speaks of transformative love, often battling with resurfacing memories of past lovers in “Features Creatures” and how to move on. Bjork also belts anthems for women, comparing their bodies to mountains and implying that sex should be a natural element to empowered femininity. Although reminiscent of Vulnicura, songs like “Sue Me” and “Tabula Rasa” comment on patriarchal oppression over women and earth, mostly pleading and hoping for progress. Accompanied by four music videos, Bjork paints the world with fresh flirtations, raw feminine energy, and maybe even the blueprint for true Utopia.

Check out the video review!

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