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Okeechobee Fest 2018: The Portal Welcomes You

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Event: Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival

Where: Sunshine Grove, Okeechobee, FL

When: March 1-4, 2018

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For four marvelous days, a portal opens in the heart of Sunshine Grove Okeechobee. This is where peaceful Floridian farmland suddenly transforms into a space-bending vortex that transports everyday music and art lovers into an alternate universe — where music rules the land and art comes to life.

Imagine this: Camping alongside friends and fellow Okeechobeings knowing that every day you’ll witness an array of your favorite artists, big and small.

This is Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, whereupon entering the portal, one is met with rave-ready space hippies and crazy amazing performances by artists hailing from a variety of genres.

The lineup is blazing this year with headliners Halsey, Arcade Fire, Travis Scott, and a double set with Bassnectar. If you’re craving more intimate performances from your favorite indie bands as well as local bands hailing from all around Florida, no other festival in the state can top Okeechobee Fest.

This magical, alternate reality is not hard to navigate for it is divided into two main areas, The Grove and Moonlight Oasis.

Nestled behind a canopy of trees, The Grove is the home to the three main stages where the experience of a lifetime unfolds throughout the day and into the night with spectacular shows on the three main stages named Be, Here, and Now—a wonderful reminder that this festival is about indulging in the moment, an ultimate sensory overload at Okeechobee Fest.

The Moonlight Oasis is where the culmination of culture awaits. It is where creativity flows free through the quirky and beautiful art installations that become the backdrop to this festival experience.

More than just celebration of music and art, however, this festival understands the power of community. Thus, one can enjoy the Chobeewobee Village, Yogachobee, and Aquachobee where you can connect with others, succumb to a spiritual awakening, and escape the stress under the sun on the shore of Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, where the portal welcomes you.


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