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Opposites Don’t Attract: Dating in the Post 2016 Election Era

Photo by SheKnows

Photo by SheKnows

A year has passed since the 2016 Election of President Donald Trump and the polarization of the country continues. Consequently, dating has changed dramatically since the election, eliminating bipartisanship in the capitol and in our relationships. A new trend on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble suggest that single people do not want to waste time on potential partners outside of their political affiliation. “Swipe left if you voted for Trump” or “Make America Great Again” are now displayed on profiles, all in hopes of avoiding anyone who disagrees with their politics.

Supporting a specific candidate or party has become a deal breaker because of how the 2016 election divided the country between not only political ideology but what many perceive as personal values. For most Democrats and some conservatives, a vote for Trump was a vote against basic moral values. As a matter of fact, this issue caused many relationships to fall apart, much like Gayle McCormick, 73, who divorced her husband of twenty-two years after he voted for Trump. “I realized how far I had gone in my life to accept things I would have never accepted when I was younger,” she told Business Insider. If entire marriages are being dissolved because of ideological disparity, then there might not be hope for the reconciliation of parties, at least not for a while.

Photo by Global Dating Insights

Photo by Global Dating Insights

Liberal clients, especially millennials, have taken to McCormick’s approach, leading to a smaller dating pool and changes in the online dating game. OkCupid added Trump-related questions to its compatibility survey last year and found 72% of people thought supporting the president was a deal breaker in potential partners. showed a decrease in sign-ups after the 2016 election, finding through surveys that the country’s political atmosphere has discouraged people from online dating. Additionally, Match also compared this trend to past numbers, noting that “after the 2012 election, all areas – blue and red – had an increase in dating activity, showing that the ‘love deficit’ between liberals and conservatives is unique to this election.”

However, some people have found the upside to this new trend, like David Goss, who founded as a kind of safe space for Trump supporters who say they’re sick of intolerant liberals on apps like Tinder. Meanwhile, Twitter user Daniel (@shallinallin), who was featured on the digital media website, uses this trend to his advantage in a completely different way. Instead of ghosting women on Tinder, he will send a message saying he voted for Trump, effectively turning them off and ending the conversation. Easy, fast, and kind of painless.

Eliminating potential matches because of politics is indeed dismissive, but finding a life partner also entails finding someone of similar interests and values. Maybe a new era of love will reign again soon, but the way things are going that new era probably won’t arrive until a new president is elected in 2020.


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