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Stars on the Rise: Dua Lipa

Photo by BBC

Photo by BBC

It’s hard to find someone who had a better 2017 than Dua Lipa. In the last year, the 22-year-old British singer has established herself as one of the most promising talents on the planet, gaining millions of admirers who have been wooed by her unique musical style. Incorporating her husky, deep soprano with dark and dreamy pop, Lipa has risen to musical superstardom in spectacular fashion—and there are absolutely no signs that she is slowing in 2018.

Born in the UK to Albanian parents, Lipa grew up in London but spent her early teenage years in her parents’ native country. At 14, she began to develop an unrelenting passion for singing and began posting covers of her favorite artists on Youtube. Motivated by the positive feedback her music was receiving, she implored her family to move back to London when she was 15 in order to pursue a musical career. Her parents caved and Lipa got her wish.

In London, she worked as a waitress in local restaurants and later as a model to help her family with the bills. She divulges that her experiences from that era serve as inspirations for many of her song lyrics. The different people she encountered and the overall atmosphere of the nightlife still linger upon her and her music, as evidenced in songs like her 2015 debut single “New Love.”

Photo by Stitched Sound

Photo by Stitched Sound

With “New Love,” she brought a new and refreshing style to modern pop, expanding the boundaries of the genre while developing her own unconventional sound. That same year she launched her second single entitled “Be The One,” which quickly amassed millions of views on Youtube and even reached the top 10 in various countries in Europe. The success of “Be the One” and her subsequent songs launched Lipa into superstardom in the old continent, where she earned spots in coveted festivals like Glastonbury and Eurosonic.

However, it wasn’t until the release of last year’s “New Rules” that Lipa became a common household name in the United States. The song reached number 11 on the American charts and has been given extensive airplay in the last couple of months. It is her most successful song to date.  The woman-empowering anthem inspires confidence, self-fulfillment, and self-love in young women who may be facing the hardships of a tough break-up -a likely reason as to why it has gathered so much fame in such a short amount of time.

She released her self-titled debut album last summer, which—remarkably— is still climbing up the charts. Currently, Lipa is on tour promoting the album and is set to perform in various cities across the US and Canada in 2018. The MTV Award-winner for Best New Act is rumored to be working on projects with big-name producers like Diplo and Mark Ronson, so we can expect to see much more of Lipa in the next couple of months.


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