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What’s Coming in 2018

Photo by Esquire

Photo by Esquire

With movies like Wonder Woman and albums such as Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN, 2017 was an unforgettable year in the world of entertainment. While 2018 has some big shoes to fill in that aspect, it seems that it won’t have a problem doing so, with some of the most anticipated albums, movies, and technology being released this year.

Here’s what you can expect in the next 12 months:

Apple HomePod

One of the most anticipated pieces of tech coming out this year is the HomePod, Apple’s rival for Google Home and Amazon Echo. But many questions are already being asked, especially concerning the inevitable upcharge and limited compatibility associated with all Apple products.

Voice-Activated Tech

Samsung and Microsoft also have plans to release their own home assistant speakers, but not much is known about their projects. In general, it seems that 2018 will be the year in which voice-activated devices become more mainstream, with automakers making it more recurrent in their vehicles and startups expected to unveil accessible, high-tech earphones that provide real-time translations.


2017 ended with a wild December for Bitcoin. Its value reached new record highs, but days later it dropped by almost 25%. Since then, the value of Bitcoin has been fluctuating but keeping a positive trend overall. Investors who believe cryptocurrencies are the future see this as a good sign, while skeptics who believe Bitcoin is a speculative bubble see this as the beginning of the end. 2018 will most likely be the year in which cryptocurrencies either make it or break it.

Photo by Collider

Photo by Collider

Solo: A Star Wars Story – May 25th

It’s the movie everyone Star Wars fan has been waiting for! Starring Alden Ehrenreich and Emilia Clarke, it focuses on Han Solo’s adventures before joining the rebellion. Anticipation is extremely high for this film, as no trailer has yet been released and not much is known about the film in general.

Black Panther – February 16th

Starring Chadwick Boseman, the movie is the eighteenth to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s the first Marvel movie starring a black superhero, and the trailers and posters released so far have garnered big expectations among Marvel fans.

Avengers: Infinity Wars – May 4th

Possibly the most anticipated movie of 2018, Avengers: Infinity War is set to include pretty much every character from the MCU as they battle Thanos. It will be, without a doubt, the biggest superhero film ever released.

Photo by Ticketmaster

Photo by Ticketmaster

Fall Out Boy – Mania (January 19)

Fall Out Boy is set to release their seventh album Mania, on January 19. Originally, the album was supposed to be released in 2017, but it was pushed back because it felt “very rushed.” Patrick Stump tweeted about the pushback, saying “I’m never going to put out a record out I genuinely don’t believe is as at least as strong or valid as the one that came before it.”

Justin Timberlake – Man of the Woods (February 2)

Justin Timberlake released a minute-long teaser trailer for his album on January 2. He talks in the video about how the album is inspired by his family and where he’s from. The video also includes some footage of Timberlake in the studio with Pharrell!

Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour – (May 8 – October 6)

Taylor Swift announced her Reputation North America tour late in 2017. Currently, the tickets are on sale, and the tour is set to start in early May.

Maroon 5 Red Pill Blues tour (May 30th – mid-Oct.)

The group will be going out on tour with “Issues” singer Julia Michaels in the North American leg of the tour. Tickets are currently on sale!

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