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Social Media Influencers: The Quintessential Millennial Profession

Rudy Mancuso (left) and Juanpa Zurita got their start on Vine.

As the popularity of social media grows, the opportunities to make a career out of it do too.  Perhaps nothing exemplifies this trend more than the so-called “influencers.” You may think that being a social media influencer is easy and just about posting on social media sites. However, it is more than that.

“Influencing” combines talent, charisma, a penchant for online trends, among many other skill sets. The job has many perks but behind all the glamour and fun a lot of works goes into every post. It is the quintessential millennial profession, which many seek but few acquire.

The first step to becoming an influencer is by building a strong presence on social media, usually through some type of talent. For example, Lele Pons got her start on Vine making six-second comedy videos and today she has over eight million Youtube subscribers. Magician Zach King earned his 21 million Instagram followers by sharing videos of his mind-boggling illusions. Meanwhile, blogger Torunn Lee’s 50,000 followers keep growing thanks to her content providing lifestyle and fashion advice.

Once popular enough, influencers will be contacted by sponsors. Sponsorships are ways for them to get paid a good amount of money to promote a product to their followers. While sponsorships may slightly change how an influencer creates content, a good influencer will find a way to stay true to their identity and create content that works for themselves and the brand sponsoring them. Sometimes, it’s so subtle you won’t even notice they’re promoting a brand or product.

The amount of money that a person earns depends on the platform they are using and how many followers they have. The more followers a person has, the more they get paid per post. Influencers can make between 1,000-300,000 dollars per post.


Illusionist Zach King


There’s no doubt that being an influencer is an attractive idea, especially for those of us who are social media savvy. If you’re intrigued and thinking of making the jump into the world of influencing, here are some tips to get you started.

Be You

To become an influencer a person has to find their true self and connect with as many people as possible. Being original and authentic is the biggest key to gain followers.

Be Creative

People want to view content that is new and creative. Being able to elevate old ideas and make them new again is a part of the job of an influencer, as well as creating new ideas for their audiences. Show the audience something they have never seen before.

Stay Organized

 It is important for influencers to be organized and have posts ready and scheduled. Posts should be made at least twice a week for platforms like Youtube and multiple times a day on sites like Instagram or Twitter. This is particularly important when first starting out. The more you post, the more chances you have of connecting with an audience.

So you think you have what it takes to become an influencer? Go ahead and give it a shot! Share your talents with the world and, who knows, you might just end up finding an audience that enjoys your content.


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