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Social Media Versus Reality

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It’s no secret that nowadays social media plays a big role in the lives of most young people. Sites like Instagram and Twitter allow us to express ourselves and share moments from our lives in ways previous generations couldn’t even imagine. In some instances, we can even learn more about a person’s life through social media than through personal interaction. And even though there’s nothing particularly wrong with that, it’s crucial that we get one thing straight: No one’s life is as perfect as their feed on social media.

That Twitter couple you envy isn’t in fact “relationship goals.” That gorgeous Insta-selfie actually took several tries to capture, and even then still required some editing. And you can be sure those Snapchat users who post videos about all of their expensive items and luxurious travels don’t always find happiness through their materialistic things.

Our generation is filled with experts who create facades of perfect—or close to perfect—lives.  It doesn’t take much work or thought, which makes it particularly tempting for many young adults. All it takes is a phone and you can put yourself out on social media with the power to be who you want to be through the type of content you post.

With this comes the pressure that others—teens especially—face when they compare their lives to others’ on social media. When scrolling through your Instagram or Snapchat feed you may start comparing yourself to the pictures of peers spending their day on a boat, people with perfect bodies sharing their workout routine, or the young couple vacationing in The Bahamas.

Having these thoughts is destructive to one’s self-confidence and further validates the facade created by these users. We must realize that not everything we see on social media reflects reality. In fact, the people that are really living their best life aren’t posting pictures or tweeting happy hashtags, but are rather enjoying it—and so should you!

Stop altering your photos to live up to false standards, and reveal the truest form of yourself on social media. Let others know the real you—with your flaws and virtues—not only online but in “the real world” as well and you will be more likely to create genuine friendships and connections. Remember, perfect pictures do not equal perfect lives, so stop comparing yourself and just do you.


“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

   -Dr. Seuss


Article by Ericka Miller

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