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Trading the Bar Scene for Open Mics

It’s that time again. You got home from work, your homework is finished, and you’re longing to do something exciting with your friends.

Before you know it, you and your friends end up hiding away at the back of the same-old bar bobbing along to music, taking selfies, people-watching, not meeting anyone new, getting home late, and crashing. You wasted over $20 on food and drinks and you only had an okay time. Sounds like the same old routine, right?  

But what if there was an entirely different world of incredibly fun nights in your area? Well, you’re in luck, because there is in fact a world where you can experience an entirely different scene: Open Mic Nights.

Here are the ways trading the bar scene for open mics may be what you need:

  1. Quietly dancing VS. Being HEARD

Have something to share? Open Mics give you an opportunity to share your talents. Most open mics are “All Arts,” which means you can practice any of your skills, whether they are general public speaking, storytelling, singing, poetry or comedy. The spotlight is yours!

Although it can be intimidating, standing on a stage can be exhilarating and can change the way you interact with the world. It has been a huge confidence booster for me.

  1. Watching people dance drunkenly VS. Watching amazing local talent… before it hits the radio!

Talented musicians and artists will often use open mics as their opportunity to practice and expose themselves. You could be watching the next Justin Bieber or Kevin Hart before they become a BIG deal. You’ll also get to connect with talented people and become their first fans. If you are a lover of music, artistry, and creativity, this is an incredible opportunity to discover all the talent in your very town.

  1. Taking selfies VS.  Meeting new people!

How often do you actually make friends at bars or nightclubs? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably come out of a bar with the same number of friends you walked in.

I’ve gone to most open mics alone, and have come out with at least 2-3 new friends! There have even been times where I immediately end up having my own after party, entailing late night jam sessions with new people!

Yes, you can go to an open mic and still be on your phone all night, but you probably won’t want to! These artists are brave, inspiring, creative, and open-minded. They put all of their heart into their performance, therefore, you will be drawn to their craft.

  1. Same old venue VS. Discovering new venues!

Sometimes we stay in the same shell and find ourselves going to the same places. Through going to open mics I have discovered new venues like coffee shops and lounges that I would never have even run into otherwise. Open mics are a great way to explore your city!

  1. There is one for almost every night!

Just alone in the South Florida area, there are dozens of open mic nights every week. Here are some of my favorites:

Monday night:

C Street Café   – West Palm Beach, FL

Las Rosas – Miami, FL

DADA – Delray Beach, FL

Tuesday night:

Art Serve – (Every 4th Tuesday) FT. Lauderdale, FL

Wednesday night:  

The Funky Buddha – Boca Raton, FL

Tea & Poets – Miami, FL

Thursday night:

The Brewhouse Gallery – Lake Park, FL

Soulfully Good Restaurant and Lounge – Miramar, FL

Friday night:

Harold’s Coffee Lounge (Every 3rd Friday) – Northwood, FL

Saturday night:

Common Grounds Coffee Bar (Every 2nd and 4th Saturday) – Lake Worth, FL

Sunday night:

Common Grounds Coffee Bar (Comedy Open Mic) – Lake Worth FL

Average Joe’s Pub – Jupiter, FL

Don’t live in South Florida? Check out for more!

Let the fun begin!

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