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Embracing Boredom: The New Travel Trend

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“Boredom” used to be (sort of) a dirty word, as if it was taboo to have nothing to entertain—or at least distract—your mind and keep you busy even if it wasn’t productive. But nowadays, millennials are embracing the act of being bored in a different way; so they’ve started yet another trend and a new type of vacation where one finds comfort in the act of doing nothing.

These types of boring getaways are the polar opposite of typical holiday trips to Miami or LA, where one usually finds a poolside rager around every corner. “Boring” vacations consist of spending a week vacation outside of town and in a remote guest house, like a cabin in the woods or a beach house on a private island. When booking, the only information you’ll have on your guest house is the approximate time it’ll take you to get there and the area it is located, and you’ll only receive its exact location a week before arrival. This might make a few people hesitant, and understandingly skeptical of this whole secret gateway business, but it’s all done in attempts to maintain the element of surprise and lessen the stress that comes with planning a holiday.

Upon arrival, you will be prompted to place your cellphones and other devices in a lock box. As a result, you will be forced to ignore any social media apps, emails, calls, and texts. You will be given puzzle books, crossword puzzles, and a deck of cards as your only form of entertainment—which will force you to wake up your brain. Some places also provide guests with basic supplies like pasta, coffee, and s’mores, so you don’t even have to stress about food once you’re there.

Getaway, one of the companies that offer these types of escapes, describes their trips as “an experience designed to bring us back to our elements, immerse us in the magic of the woods, and challenge us to rediscover the pleasure of boredom, solitude and unstructured time.”

You can book your “boring” vacation through companies like Getaway or SurpriseMe Trips, who follow the guidelines of keeping everything down to the ETA of the guest house a secret. While you can also do it through certified travel websites like TripAdvisor, you won’t get the same secretive service since they provide you with photos and an exact location of your guest house when booking.

Boredom allows us to uncap all of our bottled up thoughts, to reflect on ourselves, and to reconnect with things that are meaningful to us, so long we have no distractions. Having the time to think without being distracted by our everyday life and especially our phones is priceless. So grab a couple of friends and go back to basics with a “boring” trip, which will surely be anything but boring once you’re there.  

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