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Internships, travel, and friends: How to make the most of your summer

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It’s our favorite time of the year again: Summer vacation! Though we’ve looked forward to these summer months all year long, having a limited budget and so much free time on our hands can make it particularly difficult to decide what to do. However, getting the most out of your summer while balling on a budget isn’t all that hard.

One of the most productive things you can do this summer is getting an internship. Instead of putting it off for later, start applying now! Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and can help you find opportunities in your area and in your preferred field. If you want to intern in a different country, organizations like AIESEC and the American Institute for Foreign Language offer internships across the globe in different industries. So, if you want to spend your summer in Europe doing marketing, it can be done!

If you don’t want to intern this summer, but still want to travel, studying abroad this summer is your go-to plan. The Education Abroad Network allows students to travel the world and learn about different cultures. And since it can be a little pricey, they accept all forms of financial aid! Scholarships within the program are offered as well. If you’re looking to travel the globe and earn some college credit hours and work experience at the same time, then this is the organization you want to look into!

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This season is also great for finding a temporary job if you want to make and save money before school starts. While having a job is a big responsibility, it doesn’t mean you won’t have time for fun. Many summer jobs require no more than 20 hours per week, so you’ll still have time to plan plenty of activities with family and friends.

Getting a job or internship is great, but summer is also the perfect time to just relax and enjoy our surroundings. Many of us live close to a beach or lake and we should take advantage of that. Getting some friends together, laying out your towel, and blaring your favorite music on a Bluetooth speaker is a perfect, budget-friendly summer day. Other activities to enjoy your summer vacation could be going on a hike, road-tripping to a nearby town, or just getting creative and learning to tie-dye some cool new clothes!

There is literally no excuse for staying home all summer long. You can even find more summer ideas online on sites like Pinterest, where you’ll stumble upon summer bucket lists, summer challenges, and even delicious summer food recipes! There are literally so many things you can do this summer that don’t cost too much money but will still make your summer unforgettable!

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