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Post Grad Problems: How Life Changes After Graduation

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With all that happens during your last semesters of college, it is easy to get preoccupied and not plan accordingly for the next chapter of your life. Most of us have depended on our parents for the first 20 years, or so, of our lives and are not used to many responsibilities and life-altering decisions. However, life after college is completely up to us—from where to live and where to work, to many other crucial decisions that will shape our futures.

You may think that after graduation finding your dream job would be as easy as ready, set, and go. But that couldn’t be further from reality. The truth is that only a few people will find their perfect job right away. For most graduates, finding an ideal job is a long process that includes dozens of interviews, a couple of internships, and maybe one or two mediocre jobs in between. The perfect job doesn’t come as easy, and that is okay. Sometimes it takes time to find exactly what you want, so don’t give up and just continue to apply for multiple jobs daily. Always be looking for opportunities and continue to work on yourself.

A huge factor that will determine how fast you can find that perfect position is where you are going to live after graduation. Will you go back home or will you move to a different city to start your career? It’s definitely not an easy choice to make and there many factors that contribute to this decision such as the job market in a city, social life, financial support from your parents, etc. In today’s economy, it’s a growing trend for recent graduates to move back home to save money and stay close to family. The obvious downside of moving back home is that you may not be as independent. It is also slightly more difficult to stay focused and motivated with house chores and parents constantly scrutinizing your every move. On the other hand, while moving to a new city may be scary, it can be a great opportunity. A new city can offer promising career opportunities and the ability to create a new life, although not knowing anyone in a new place can be very difficult for some. Choose what is best for you, your happiness, and your success.  

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Regardless if you stay in your home city or not, another aspect that will certainly change after college is your social life. You may think that you will have so much extra time without classes that you would be able to go out and socialize with your friends every night, but the reality is that your social life may slow down quite a bit after graduation. You may have friends from college that live in different cities, and those in your city may have busy and conflicting schedules. Also, adulting is exhausting and a typical eight-hour workday will most certainly take a toll on your energy levels. But there’s no need to fret. You’ll eventually learn to make time for those that are important to you and they will do the same for you.

While life after college may seem challenging, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to have everything figured out (even if it seems like you do.) You are still at the stage of life where you are growing and finding yourself, so try new things and don’t be afraid to take chances. You never know where an open door may lead you!

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